Saturday, October 10, 2020

They're Heeere~ [Papillon Halloween Lookbook] 👻


Hello Cuties

     Long time, no post!  I've been rather busy with work and quite honestly haven't been inspired to do much.  Leave it to "spooky season" to finally bring me back.  I finally have something to talk about!  Papillon's second lookbook has been released!!!

     Packed full of goodies and treats, this Halloween lookbook covers every possible costume theme in 86 pages.  I speak for myself when I say, working on this project was tough.  But I can imagine others share the same feeling.  Hearing about the Halloween lookbook jolted me with excitement.  We were asked to prepare looks based on 3 different categories:  cute, sexy, or spooky.  And I already couldn't wait to see what everyone was working on!

The Wait is Now Over!

Click Here 

     If you haven't already checked this masterpiece out, head there now!  You'll be so inspired to create the perfect Halloween costume~  (Plus I don't wish to spoil anything for anyone.)

     Per usual, I want to share my favorite spreads in this lookbook!  And I'll post about my look separately.

     Still not over this mock movie poster!  All of them were super clever and made the perfect teasers for the magazine.

     Miss Yaya slayed me with this look!  I adore the rhinestones under the eyes.  Definitely going on my list of "looks to try".

My jaw?  On the floor.  Period.

     I loved this bit of the magazine.  You don't want to mess with this girl gang!  My girl Kieli's the muscle~  Q(`⌒´Q  Give 'em the boot, girl!

     Giving me Bratz vibes~  Shin never misses!  At this point I need a closet tour!!

     Our precious Nene ♥.  She mentioned choosing a cutesy theme would be really different for her.  But she nailed it!!

     Cherrybomb never fails to amaze me!  Making a scene and looking good while doing it~.

     If you've already read through Papillon's newest lookbook, who served your favorite look?  Who's ensemble would you try to rock?  Tempted to try any of the makeup tutorials?

I sincerely hope everyone is doing alright.  Stay spooky~  Stay safe!

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. Wahhhhh I'm so glad to see you posting again!!!! <3
    And I LOVE this issue as well! Your look just killed me! <3
    Everyone did such an amazing job!
    And I'm glad you liked my gal gang spread ^o^

    1. I'm sorry I was away for so long ;__; but I'm happy to be back~ And omg you did that spread!! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT ♥ The editing team is just amazing!
      - Amiman♥