Monday, June 15, 2020

10 Weeks of Gyaru Blogging: Old School Gyaru🌺

Hello my Cuties~

     Today I bring to you a fun look as part of the "10 Weeks of Gyaru Blogging" challenge!  I know I actually owe you guys two posts since I missed last week.  A small setback, but I'm trying my best to stay consistent here.  v(*'、^*)

     The task at hand is to try any oldschool gyaru makeup and show what inspired you!

Tada~ \( ̄▽ ̄)/

     Old school Ami lives on!!  For a while I struggled to think of an outfit to pull off the whole "old school gal" look.  But once I thought of this combo, a new persona had been unlocked!  While taking photos I imagined what kind of Gal I'd be if I were a character in an old manga.

     This Gal would have plenty of attitude for one.  Refuses to be stepped on or talked down to!  And if anyone had anything smart or negative to say about her and her friends, she'd have a few words ready for 'em too!  (҂` ロ ´)凸

     I don't know why I picture her as a smoker, but I guess that just comes with being a badass (lol).  * pretend the lipgloss wand is a cigarette lmaoo *  She'd be a lot of fun to be around too!  Definitely the one to make wisecracks and quips.

     Always up for a get together, drinks, or shopping.  Practically fearless, and confident in everything she does.  "Dare me to get his number? "

     She cares about her friends the most, they're like little siblings to her.  And she means well even though she's not as delicate with her words as she'd like to be.  "Oh relax, you'll be just fine~".  "Uh, I'm a little busy, ok?"

     Second to her friends are makeup and shoes . . . shoes are life!  But makeup is just as important, she practically has a compact mirror glued to her hand at all times.  "Gotta stay fresh y'know- oh my God, a sale!"

     "Ever heard of the 'five finger discount'?  You won't squeal on me, right?  HA, just kidding~~"

"You won't believe who I saw at the mall today . . "

     Not much to talk about here.  I have a new found respect for old school gyaru makeup.  Though it may look simple, it's kind of hard to execute the shapes and placements of color.  I also had a hard time picking eyelashes to give an old school vibe.  I hope I did ok!  (。・//ε//・。)


     So how did I do?  I really want to keep trying old school gyaru looks!  They're fun and really forces my hand at the structure of my gal make.  It's nice practice for learning the base / basics of Gyaru makeup.

Until next time!
~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. You look so cute and sexy in every look you put together! T_T <3 I'm in love.

    1. (。T ω T。) w-what me?! It's hard for me to think of myself as sexy aaa~ thank you!!!! ♥
      - Amiman♥

  2. Excuse me! You just stole my heart. AGAIN.