Friday, December 6, 2019

Our Playdate ♥ | The French Market

Hello Cuties~

     Are you surprised?  Coming to you with yet another post!  I want to get back on track with my writing schedule, so let's keep the productivity going, yes?

     I always get pretty jealous whenever people post vlogs or blog posts about the cool places to visit in their hometown.  It took my a while to see it within my own little city, but here in New Orleans, we do have some worth wild attractions.  Prince and I had a playdate downtown and in the French Quarter!

     It's a history packed area in my city with countless gorgeous French and Spanish styled architecture.  It's the oldest part of New Orleans, and if you look hard enough you can almost see how things looked centuries ago.  I don't get to visit the French Quarter much, but whenever I do go it's a blast!  We strolled around the streets of performers, artists sketching and selling their artwork, and delicious smelling foods (and swarms of people . . . let's not forget about how freakin' packed it is down there).  You're probably wondering why not stop there, but we were on our way to the French Market!

     How does one explain what the French Market is?  My best description would be:  an outdoor hall / strip of great food, drinks, frozen treats, and a unique shopping experience all wrapped into one.  The area is always buzzing with the sound of people and music!

     Prince and I started our day rather early (well sort of) , we intended on going to Cafe Beignet for beignets and coffee for breakfast, but we were lazy and settled for waffle house since it was much closer.  Since we sat around for a bit, it gave me a little time to "gussy up".

     I did say just a little time, it wasn't enough to do false eyelashes. ( ̄ω ̄;) lol
     Despite being falsie-less, I felt pretty cute that day!  It was a magnificent day to be out and about.  I was ready to shop and window shop to my heart's content.  I was also eager to eat everything even though we had just eaten breakfast.
     One of my favorite things about the French Quarter is there's always music, and it's usually live performances.  I always perk up at the sound of instruments being played on the streets.  My favorites are the violinists who fill the narrow echoing streets. 
     One of our first stops was The Gazebo Cafe.  It was very sunny and with the distance we had walked, we yearned for something cool and sweet!  Looking at this, you probably couldn't tell it's alcoholic.  (;´∀`)

      And the treats don't stop there!  I was in for a surprise that day, I've always wanted to taste alligator but was too afraid in the past.

     I should have taken a picture of my first bite because I'm sure that was a funny sight to see!  I sad it took me so many years to give it a try because it was damn tasty.  If anyone comes here to try this alligator sausage, get the creole mustard to dip it too!

     I surprised myself by not buying anything to wear.  I saw this iridescent crop top / pant set, but it looked better on the mannequin.  I did pick up a few nick knacks though.  There are lots of vendors set up at countless tables selling just about anything under the rainbow!
     You can even snag a voodoo doll if you wanted to!  I thought this was hilarious.  The signs are what just made this display for me: "teacher" and "coworker" cracked me up!

     You can even get decorated coffins for your little voodoo dolls.  I'm telling you there's so much random stuff you can find here.

     I really like coming out to the French Market to get natural skincare products.  I snagged some shea butter and black soap!  You'd think I'd be done with shopping, but we moseyed on down to the Riverwalk to check out some more stores.  I didn't plan to buy any makeup but, they got me with the liquid glitter eyeshadow.
     This is actually my first Lime Crime purchase!  I got this from Nordstrom and they always have expensive or popular brands for cheap!  I got this for $8 I believe!!  Cannot wait to use this, it has shades of blue and purple and silver bits too.

     An unrelated purchase but, that day I also received my rakuten order of lenses!
     Decided to try blue contact lenses this time, Lil Moon's Water Water lens.  And pink lenses that were initially for a cosplay, Usagi Fatale's Pure Peach lens.  I haven't touched the pink contacts yet but I'm most definitely anxious to try them out.  Sigh . . . and just a few days later I made QUITE the makeup purchase.
     The Jackie Aina x ABH palette because I don't know how to control my impulse shopping urges!!  Its marvelous and I've only done two makeup looks with it.  But I can tell this is going to change my makeup game!

     Perhaps I got a bit carried away~  I love a great shopping experience, I can't help myself!  I hope to bring a friend who comes to visit to some of these places.  I think they'd enjoy it if they've never been to New Orleans.  You tend to lose sight of how beautiful your own hometown can be.  What are some notable or monumental places in your city?
~ Love you x Amiman ~

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