Thursday, April 11, 2019

Failed vlog (but hey I got a make look out of it)

     Hello cuties!  Good and meh news:  I failed at vlogging earlier this week, however I got a cool coordinate and makeup look out of it!

     Sarah and I finally reunited for our girls day out!  We had many plans for the day and I planned to vlog about our adventure.  She planned to do the same, but we both just couldn't get it together lol.  As for my look, I initially went with kurogyaru style, but now that I look at it, perhaps it's more oraora?  I had my "pins and patches" jacket on too but I left it in car by the time I took these pics.

     I tried something a little different with my makeup this time!  Well when it comes to color palette.  I've never tried using orange and green so I came up with this look.  Of course I added some orange sparkle under my eyes~.
     What do you think?  I think up-close it's a mess but overall it's pretty nice.

     Per usual, our first stop is food.  I wanted to visit a place I'd never been to, so we agreed to try Voodoo BBQ.

     Next comes shopping~  I wanted to go thrifting for all my diy needs.  Funny thing is I got 2 pieces for diy, everything else was simply too cute to pass up.
      I snagged this stylish denim jumpsuit for $6.99!  When I stepped out to show Sarah, everyone said "omg you should buy it!"
      An oversized dusty pink sweater (with ruffles yay~) also $6.99.  Not exactly sure how I want to use this but perhaps larme and maybe himekaji.
     I got this turtleneck with the intent to make it cropped.  I'm adding more colors to my closet and I think once I alter it, I'll use it for kuro coords.  I'm still looking for nice sweaters to diy a d.i.a style cropped sweater.  Like this:
     I'm in love with this skirt~  It's suede and pink, and it's from the brand BeBe.  I still can't believe I got this for $3.99!

     My other plans for that day were to check out about 3 thrift shops as well as check out some fabric / craft stores.  I reeeeally want a new set up for filming and I want to start with a backdrop.  However life wouldn't let me be great so we couldn't get much accomplished.  Regardless I had fun catching up with Sarah~  We'll try again soon!  Our first vlog was just so fun I want to do another one with her.

     In totally unrelated news, last week Prince and I celebrated our anniversary!  I still can't believe how much time has passed.
     We had a great time together.  I was just happy to spend the day with him.  It's funny because right now I can't remember everything we did, but I remember every sweet thing he said.  We were being pretty cheesy when we exchanged gifts lol
     The matching rings are from Valentine's day, but I'll probably share my anniversary gifts later; some of them have yet to arrive from Japan.
Oh and I got my nails done!

~ pink and glittery ~

     And that brings us to now.  I haven't been up to much besides going out to eat and online shopping to be honest. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝlol
This was even better than the last skillet cookie lol
    I just enjoy sharing food pictures with y'all lol  I hope that isn't too annoying (๑꒪▿꒪).


     Easter is coming up and while I don't have anything planned, I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.  Spring is finally in full effect where I am, or shall I say Summer lol.  It feels pretty nice, I miss the warm sun rays and gentle breeze.

     I have a good feeling about the near future!  I appreciate your patience with me.  Please anticipate great and fun things!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Omgggggg I am loving these looks! I really do love the orange on you. Try a sparkly one next time! <3

    I can't wait to see what you do with these pieces!

    All this food looks so good! T^T



    1. (*´▽`*)♥ Awwww thank you! I really need more blouses / tops lol I love sweaters so much, I tend to forget about summer / spring appropriate tops xD As for the makeup, I definitely want to do more sparkly looks! I'm trying to achieve that under eye glitter look without looking like a mess lol

      And girl you know food pics are my favorite~

      - Amiman♥