Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Shut Up and Take My Money! (my biggest haul yet)

     Hello Cuties~ Last time I spoke to you guys I failed at creating content for my channel ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ lol  Good news is since then I've uploaded a video!  If you're like me and enjoy watching videos about what people spend their money on, you should love my new haul video.  (⸝⸝⍢⸝⸝) ෆ

     I've actually been waiting to do this video for a long while.  Well more like I've been meaning to film it but I kept putting it off lol.  But since I hadn't posted the video, I was keeping all of my major purchases "secret" (and boy was that hard to do lol).  Finally, I get to share them all with you!

  • D.i.a star belt
     I scored this beauty on Depop for $35 and I'm still crying over it!  I'm going to keep my eyes open for a black or white one next.

  • Liz Lisa floral skirt
     Found this skirt on Poshmark for $18 believe it or not.  I have yet to wear it but I finally have a few complementary pieces to mix and match.

  • Liz Lisa lace camisole + sweater
     Still can't believe how fast I jumped on these items lol.  I bought this bundle for $47 from Ageha Gyaru Shop on Depop.  I didn't realize just how useful the addition of a tank would be to my wardrobe.  I should really get more.

  • D.i.a paisley halter
     I'm a sucker for prints like this (✿ꈍ。 ꈍ✿).  Finally adding some d.i.a to my wardrobe with a few tops.  Their halter tops have always been a favorite of mine.  I don't think I could ever squeeze into their denim shorts so tops and dresses will have to do lol.

  • D.i.a chain halter
     (ps. both tops are from Depop)

  • New Nude - Huda Beauty
  •  The Tribe - Juvia's Place

  • Kiss - Lash Vanity

  • Milani - Hypnotic Lights Eye Toppers (luster light, beaming light, star light, prismatic light)

  • Lena Lashes - Ashanti (mink lashes)
     As I said in the video, I originally ordered just the mink eyelashes.  My package was taking a while and once it finally arrived, I discovered these awesome freebies!

 Isn't their packaging gorgeous?!

     There are actually a few things in this picture that appear in the video.  I picked up a new concealer, compact powder, and lip gloss.
  • Makeup Revolution - Conceal & Define concealer (c16), Bake & Blot (deep dark)
  • I ♥ Revolution - I heart Chocolate gloss (salted caramel)

  • Colourpop - Three's a Cloud, Strike Twice (lipstick collection)

  • QuoRe - Ice Brown lenses
  • Secret Candy Magic - No.14 Hazel

     Finally some new lenses!  I ordered a box of one of my old faves, no.14 hazel, and a new one I'm excited to try!

     In my previous post I mentioned it was my 1 year anniversary and that I would share my gifts once I received them.  So here they are~
      I wear this necklace so much now (w´ω`w).  I have a new-found love for butterflies and the like, so he got me these with that in mind.  I love how iridescent the jewel looks when sunlight hits it~
      I've always wanted a locket~  I cannot wait to get pictures done of Prince and I to place in my new locket. 
     And lastly, the gift Prince had been waiting on, a beautiful parasol from Angelic Pretty!  I was taken by complete surprise when he showed me.  I recalled a conversation I had with him months ago about how I did admire lolita and himegyaru style but I was afraid I "couldn't pull it off".  His response was "nonsense, of course you can, I imagine you'd look elegant with a parasol and one of those fancy dresses".  (well something along the lines of that lol)
     At the time, I had no idea he'd be plotting on getting me a parasol.  Over time he would ask me questions or plant statements in my head like "you should try that style out one day".  And honestly I'm so excited to delve into this sweet ott style.
     Now in the video you heard me speed talk about the parasol but what happened was it first arrived damaged.  The handlers of the post office bent the entire box and the parasol was messed up.  Prince contacted Angelic Pretty and luckily with photos they decided to send out a brand new parasol!  They haven't asked for the older one so, I'll hang onto it for emergency or perhaps could try to repair it.  I'm so happy the situation is settled.  You'll definitely see this beauty appear in coordinate shots and hopefully shoots as well.
     I figured y'all might miss my face, so I saved this for last.  I purchased a new wig (yay a new baby~).  Originally for a cosplay but I'll be wearing it for just about anything! lol
Here's the kicker, I got it on amazon.  Believe that!

     I hope you enjoyed this post, please watch my video~  It'll make you laugh (I hope) lol  Either way, you can listen to me ramble and struggle with my camera's auto focus.  Until next time guys.

~ Love you x Amiman ~


    Omg this haul makes me so happy!!!!! I love all the items you got! And that was so sweet of your Prince to get you that! And I agree with him. You could totally do any style! I am dying to see you in Hime or Lolita! You're gonna look so dang adorbs!!!!!! X3

    1. That..that's so sweet of you to say!.・(;﹏;) I can't wait either. I really need more "sweet" style dresses and skirts now~ ( ♥ 3 ♥) It's wild because now I'm looking for stuff like petticoats (^A^ ;;) lol is it sad to say this haul made me happy too? lol I'm not even mad I spent money lol the things I bought bring me such joy!