Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I met Hello Kitty!!! | LA Trip Day #4

     Hello Cuties~  I know I'm behind on the LA trip posts (let alone the vlogs) so allow me to carry on with it.
     Nhu had everything planned out for day #4 months in advanced!  She purchased tickets for us to go to Universal Studios.  It was my second time going but I have very faint memories of my very first visit.  The only thing I remember is buying some funky pairs of sunglasses, lol.

     We got up pretty early to begin our adventure.  It was still cool outside and windy (which stuck around all day).  Just like Nhu, I had something planned for that day as well!  When Nhu first sprung the idea of going to Universal Studios, I immediately knew I'd go in kogyaru!  I know it's not Disney and gals usually dress in uniform there, but it still seemed appropriate to me. hehe~
Senpai, am I cute?
top: thrifted  tie: taobao  skirt: american apparel
cardigan: thrifted  socks: taobao
      As you can tell, I was in fact feelin' myself~  I forgot how cute kogal makes me feel!  I got many compliments all day.  However I mentioned the wind earlier because I had to fight with my skirt all day long lol.
     Once we arrived I had one of those "wow I'm really not at home" moments.  Everything was just so grand and colorful.  Everything was kind of surreal, almost like living in a cartoon.  Now the first thing on our to-do list: DONUTS!
     Not your run of the mill donut shop!  Voodoo Doughnut has some wicked treats and I could not wait to get my hands on one.  This is their menu and if you can't tell, the entire place has a dark yet sweet theme.
      Y'all already know this place sparked my interest as soon as I saw all the skulls, dark magic stuff and pink everywhere.  Not to mention sweet delicious donuts lol
What a cute slogan~
     Nhu ordered grape ape, portland cream and diablos rex; while I picked dirt doughnut and chuckles doughnut.  One bite of that oreo one and I was in heaven.  Don't be fooled, these things are huge so we couldn't finish it all and took it to-go.
     Did I mention coffins?  Yeah I got super excited to take this picture, gotta love that shifty, spooky stuff.
     Their mascot: the Voodoo Doll!  I'm still surprised we didn't order this one, he looks pretty tasty.  I nicknamed him "sticky Joe".
     After a sugary breakfast, we headed off to our main reason for coming to Universal Studios:  Harry Potter World!  Nhu is a bigger fan than I am, but I was still thrilled to experience it.  She knows I'm not fond of roller coasters but she insisted on buying tickets to Universal Studios.  She did convince me to get on one in Harry Potter World.  It was fun!  It was more of a simulation ride if I'm correct.

     Harry Potter World was beautiful.  However it was jam packed.  I understand that it's one of the most popular attractions and that was very apparent to me that day.  For that reason I didn't get any pictures, rather I filmed as much as I could.  Visually everything was astonishing.  I felt like I was in the movies!  Haunting music played throughout the space, the rooftops had snow and castle-like buildings were amazing to see.  It was a cool experience, Nhu even had butter beer!
     Once we finished the ride and left HPW we began our trek through Universal Studios!  Nhu asked me if there was any area I really wanted to see.  I've always loved the Simpsons so I picked Springfield!  I've loved the show since I was a kid so I pretty much reverted into one when we got there.
     Thinking back on it, I kind of regret not trying the Simpsons ride, but I was too scared.  I don't even know what kind of ride it was but I didn't even want to go near it lol. (such a baby I know ;;)
     There was a Moe's!  I peeped my head inside it was decorated like the bar but it sold food and drinks hehe.
     I spotted Bart and Lisa outside of the Kwik-e-Mart!  Buuut I didn't want to wait it line to take pictures lol.  Keep in mind my phone was like losing all its space during this mini vacation . . . I should've taken my Nikon camera.
     After walking around and pretending to be a Springfield citizen, Nhu said she wanted to go on the Hollywood Studio Tour.  It was trolley ride through famous Hollywood sets that are constantly used in huge movies and television shows.  It was actually pretty cool!  We got to see how many films and shows achieved certain visuals and effects too.  At some point we were input into King Kong's movie and Fast and Furious too!
     We had to take this reallllly long set of escalators to get to certain areas of the park.  At one point there was an open space, the view was so breathtaking I wanted to stand there and stare for a while.  I had another one of those "I'm not at home anymore" moments and had the urge to take a picture.  So here's me being a carefree Gal !
     After a while my stomach was rumbling for some food.  We circled back around to Springfield and I got to eat at Cletus' Chicken Shack!  Do you guys remember Cletus?  The man with like a million children?  This place wasn't super packed, plus there was a second floor to eat in.  They had tvs up playing different episodes of the Simpsons, I truly felt like a kid all over again; eating chicken tenders, fries and enjoying my favorite cartoon.
Spider-Pig!!!  I had to stand on tip-toes to reach it!
I ended my meal with a delicious Squishee, aah~ 
     I didn't get any pictures of the other attractions we went to but rather filmed them.  We got to see a special effects live show!  They taught us all of the trademark effects from movies and television shows.  They even lit a stunt man on fire! 🔥

     Once we finally made it through the whole park and decided to head out to get lunch (somehow Nhu had held out since the butter beer).  As we were leaving, I suddenly remembered something.  I spotted this Hello Kitty shop right after we ate at Voodoo Doughnuts.
     Shocker but I didn't buy anything.  However I noticed a sign saying that Hello Kitty would be there later for pictures.  Y'all my heart jumped, I HAD to meet her!  So right as we were about to leave Universal Studios, we pass the shop again and lo and behold, there she was!!!
      Hyuuuu she hugged me!!  When she saw me approaching she opened her arms and bounced cutely~  I've never felt happier.
     She did the heart so I copied lol!  After Nhu snapped this picture she hugged me again and waved goodbye to me.  She even threw in a few flying kisses as I walked away~~ Don't worry, I sent her a few too hehe God, my day, no my life was made in that moment!  I want to relive it all over again lol
     Everything after meeting Hello Kitty was is a blur to be honest, ha.  I remember getting to sit finally as Nhu ate, I ordered something small.  After that we caught an Uber to the hotel; our driver was hilarious, he made it lots of fun since it was a pretty long drive.  My only get of the day was my Universal Studios hat that I cracked and bought because the sun was cooking my ass.
     I think we were at Universal for like 6 hours.  It honestly didn't feel that long but I was shocked when I realized just how early we got there.  It was like 11am, and we left some time after 5pm.  There was still plenty of daylight so I took two selfies~
     Kept my make simple because I didn't want to have to reapply / adjust / keep up with lower lashes.  I had gold and brown eyeshadow on but you can barely see that here, whoops.
     I hope this was entertaining and fun to read.  Sometimes (most times) I feel like I blabbing on, or like I'm writing as if this is a term paper.  On a unrelated note, I really should wear kogyaru more.  I was thinking about getting rid of my uniform stuff months ago, but I had so much fun dressed up this day.  Welp, thanks again for reading!  See you next post.

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, babbbbbyyyyyyy!!!!! That's amazing! I'm so happy you got to meet your queen! <3
    You look so adorable in kogal! My heart!

    1. (=^ ;ェ;^=) omg I wanted to cry she was so precious! Also thank youuuu~~ I still have a soft spot for kogal~ ♡
      - Amiman♥