Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend!

Hello Cuties!
     Tomorrow is Halloween, are you pumped? I have a look in mind I hope it goes as planned.  I gave a few hints on insta, originally I planned to be a fallen angel, but I agree with my Prince I appear as more of a succubus.  Both are fun anyway lol I can definitely see myself giving both answers on Halloween night when people approach me with the question of "So what are you?"

     The real fun will be the makeup, that's also where my anxiety lies.  I just really hope it turns out how I want!  I'm going to give the "double eye" look a try.  Wish me good luck!
     I know I've been very m.i.a and I apologize.  But I've been shopping plenty, so I have quite a few gets to share with you!  Aaaand I finally recorded the voice over for the 1st vlog video of LA.  So I got to doll up, it's been so long~
     I got to use my new lower lashes from Decorative.  I love them~ (even though they got washed out in this pic lol)  I also finally used the nude colored eyeliner.  I found that it looks a lot better if I only line half of my waterline.
Now to the gets!
     Yes another beret, now with pearls~  The metallic leggings are more so for carnival not really for j-fashion.  The tan pants are versatile, I can use them for himekaji, onee or even kuro style if I want.
     Also I've been getting pieces for menhera / yamikawaii / yumekawaii looks.  The alien and "mixed emotions" shirts are what I had in mind for it.  I bought them oversized so they fit almost like dresses.
     Absolutely could not help myself and purchased this Liz Lisa sweater.  How adorable is it?!  It's off the shoulder and there are bows on both sides.  Also it matches half of my closet with these colors so, score!
     I've been thrifting too.  I found this super comfy and cute sweater dress for $ 4.99 (and if I remember correctly it was half off day so it ended up being less than that!)
     I splurged and got these over the knee boots.  The ones I currently have are heel-less so I have desperately wanted some fabulous otk boots.  The heel isn't the comfiest but they were like $ 24 I think.  I really wanted the chunkier heeled boots but they were sold out everywhere in my size.
     And lastly, my recent taobao haul.  Yes lads, I'm back on my bullshit.  I promise I'm done with taobao now.  It's become even more expensive than it used to be; the shipping that is.  It's just so hard obtaining the fashion I want if not from overseas.  huhuu ;;
cream made oversized sweatshirt
cute socks for menhera / yamikawaii looks
pill earrings!!!!
It's been long overdue for some new thigh high socks.
     I initially bought this for cult party kei but I think I can cross it into menhera / yamikawaii looks too? I'm not sure, we'll see how this goes.  It's just a sheer dress.

     I have ideas to build both my cult party kei and menhera wardrobe.  It involves a lot of diy but I'm excited nonetheless!

Oh!  I also bought a wig from taobao, it's in the picture but it's very hard to see against my black sheets lmao.  The wig is a bob style with an airy bang.  I imagine it's going to be SUPER cute with berets.  I wonder how I'll look with shorter hair? ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ
     Again, I'm really sorry I keep disappearing.  I want to get these videos posted, I mean the trip was last month!  Don't give up on me guys!!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. I know how you feel, babe. I keep disappearing too XD You look so pretty in that top! I wonder where you got it from~

    I can't wait to see you with these items!!!

    1. Hehehe~ I wonder?~ I've been waiting to wear the menhera / yamikawaii stuff, I have to hurry before it gets too cold!
      - Amiman♥