Monday, August 20, 2018

GC Day 26: What do you wear when not in Gyaru?

     Hello Cuties~  Trust me I have not forgotten about this 30 day challenge!  I'm nearing the end now!  Today's topic is a rather relevant one if you ask me.  I say that because lately a lot of gaijin gals have been speaking on the idea of "lifestyle Gyaru" and whether they consider themselves full-time Gals or not.  Since so many have been talking about dressing up whenever life or time permits it, I wonder what do Gals wear when they're not in Gyaru?
     Well if you're wondering about me, it varies.  I'd describe my non-gyaru style as a mash up of preppy, trendy, and casual.  I don't know if that really makes sense in words lol.  Before I sat down to write this post, my answer was "K-fashion" or Korean fashion.  And that's still pretty accurate; it is a style I tend to do outside of Gyaru.  (Also let us not forget about Larme hehe)  But that doesn't fully capture what I wear all the time.  But you know what does fully capture my style?  Photos, of course!
     This is my go to: a tank / tee, denim shorts, denim jacket, choker and sometimes fishnets.  I like to switch up between denim shorts and pleated skirts for this look too.
     Recently this has been a casual look for me.  Especially with how hot it's been ε-(´・`) フ
Larme-ish stuff you've seen plenty of lol
     * That's me on the right.  Typical me in the fall: sweater, skirt, bootssss!
     When I described my style as preppy, this is what I had in mind.  I suppose it could be "preppy-sporty"?
      Most of the time, I may wear things in the likes of gyaru substyles, just with no makeup.  This could easily be himekaji, right?
     So that basically sums up my style outside of Gyaru!  These are the types of things I wear when I'm not in Gyaru.  Was this something you expected?  Is it fitting?  I wonder how this is for individuals reading this that do not know me personally. (•᷉ ε ू•᷈,)
     I'm not that person who is Gyaru 24/7, although I wish I could.  Are you a full-time Gal?  If not, what do you wear when you're not in Gyaru?
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Omg even when you're not in gal, you're super adorbs!!!!

    1. (○´3`)ノ *tears rolling down my face* thank youuuu~
      - Amiman♥