Monday, July 23, 2018

What's this Summer's look? ☀

     Hello beach babes~ It's summer time and seeing all the looks people are creating makes me so happy.  The bright and vibrant colors just fills my childlike heart with excitement!  I need to get off my butt and do something soon.  Currently I've fallen ill but that means I have more time at home to practice my makeup, right?
     As far as makeup, I'm really into saturated and warm colors like yellow, orange and red, glitter of course and glossy lips.   For coordinates I'm leaning towards Larme a lot lately, so lacy and frilly (bonus if fruits are incorporated).  Aaand of course shorts and short tops.  Every summer I start yearning to see that 96gal / western kurogyaru style and that still hasn't changed. 😅

So what's this Summer's look?
     In other news, I finally have a lot more patches to start customizing my denim jacket!  I also picked up a new foundation stick from Makeup Revolution for the purpose of contouring.  I really hope it's the right shade though ;;.  I also went ahead a picked up a red liner because I'm weak to my desires lmao
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. ToT All this beautiful kuro. I wanted to get a nice tan this summer but work and other issues took over T_T I would love to see you in some of these looks~ But where does one even find those hats?! And I want to style my hair so badly like these gals!!!!

    1. Believe it or not but last time I saw "western hats" like these was in Walmart..I'm still upset that I didn't buy one lmao and it had rhinestones on it too~ *sigh* Beforehand, I would find these kinds of hats in thrift stores, maybe I was just lucky..or maybe it's the old southern men cleaning their closets xD
      As for me doing some kuro looks, I have something in store~~~ I went digging in my mom's closet and found something I can't wait use in a kurogal coord!
      - Amiman♥