Wednesday, June 27, 2018

GC Day 25: Worst hair / wig experience(ΟΔΟ;;)

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Worst hair / wig experience?

     Right next to makeup, having primped, perfect hair is a main priority to the gyaru look. (Well . . . not really really because having straight hair is perfectly fine.)  Point is, in gyaru you're expected to look damn near perfect at any given moment when you're "out and about".  So the last thing you want is to experience a bad hair day.  Or even worst, a bad wig day.  ヽ ( ꒪д꒪ )ノ

     Now I've never documented any of my bad hair days because who does that?  However, I can recall a few instances where I wanted to run for the hills in tears or rip my wig off.  All of my hair / wig stories are from my college days actually lol.  I don't have a number 1 worst experience, but here are a few embarrassing hair stories.

I remember back in college I took the bus to campus.  There were numerous times when I'd stand up to exit the bus I'd hear or feel a hair strand snap off because it somehow got caught onto the seat.  One unfortunate day I was approaching my stop, so I began to collect my belongings and I noticed my extensions managed to make a knot around the seat handle behind my head.
Of course I'm trying my best to keep a cool and calm air about myself.  Plus I don't want anyone to notice my predicament. So I promptly just TORE the hair free! 
 I wore wigs a lot in college.  And while they're so convenient and such a life saver, sometimes they cause more issues than they solve.  I'd wear wigs whenever I thought I'd just skip doing my own hair for a day.  And lets face it, some wigs aren't that great so you have to set it up in some intricate fashion that's begging to not be touched or disturbed in any way.
     I've had days with wigs I've somehow styled semi-nice but somewhere along the day it falls apart.  I've had days where I throw on a hat with a wig and said hat is not staying on to cover the very obvious wig hairline.
     I think my worst experiences with wigs have been them giving me headaches that were so unbearable that I ditch the wig midday and walk around looking a hot ass mess.  Those were definitely the worst days.  After that the entire look is ruined and I'm probably in tears and ready to go home lol.
     Do you have any bad hair day stories?  I'm sure I'm not the only one who rips off wigs in the middle of the day (´艸`〃)
~ Love you! x Amiman ~

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