Monday, June 25, 2018

GC Day 24: Are you a lifestyle gyaru? (if not will/would you?)

Are you a lifestyle Gal?

     This is honestly a question I've contemplated many times.  To answer this question, am I a lifestyle Gal?  No.  I don't believe I am, simply because I don't always incorporate gyaru into my everyday life.  And when I say that I'm only referring to the fashion and physical aspects.  It's rather confusing to me though.  I don't necessarily save gyaru for special occasions either.  I dress up whenever I get the chance or whenever I feel like it.
     Now the other thing I think about when I hear "gyaru lifestyle" is a socialite.  Social life and being the social butterfly.  I envision someone who loves to party and entertain.  Oddly enough, although it shouldn't really come to much of a surprise, I'm known to be pretty shy and reserved.  But then again I do love going out with friends.  Beforehand my personality and idea of 'going out' or 'adventures with friends' didn't quite match the "wild and sexy" image of gyaru.  However, I'd like to believe I'm changing with age and becoming more of the social butterfly I've always admired.  slowly but surely lol
     So to answer the latter question, yes I would love to become a lifestyle gyaru!  I'm hoping once I get my life together, mainly a profession / career where I could dress gyaru, I can work my way up to being a lifestyle Gal.  I feel like it starts there, and then more life-time friends and social events will come.  That's just my fantasy and way of thinking though.  t(ツ)_/¯
     What makes the Gyaru lifestyle to you?  Do you consider yourself to be a lifestyle Gal?
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. I know what you mean! I want to one day get a job that will let me do the whole gal thing. I do my best with my collection of tops and makeup. Sometimes even my hair. But I definitely don't live the life of gal lol The most I get to do outside of work is maybe go to Kinokuniya once a month. ^^;

    1. No one told us achieving the Gal lifestyle was so hard!!! (;O;)
      - Amiman♥