Wednesday, May 23, 2018

🌞Sunny-Daze looks: onee & himekaji

     Hello Cuties~  It's been a while, I got really wrapped up with work.  I've been meaning to come and update for two weeks now!  I miss doing my makeup!  But my last two looks (actually just one) were pretty nice.  Thursday I met up with Sarah for the first time in, what feels like, forever.
* my lower lash set is damn near invisible here ;;
      This turned out to be very onee gal.  Originally I wanted to do a bohemian gyaru look, but I loved the outcome!  I definitely need more warm colors in my wardrobe.  Sarah and I had lunch at the Rum House and shopped around on Magazine St.  You know Lush was our first stop!
     On Saturday, my sweet prince and I had a small picnic at the park!   I knew we'd be out and about on the streets for hours so I went with super simple makeup and himekaji coordinate.

Tunic - taobao / Liz Lisa replica
Skirt - Forever21
Shoes - Betsey Johnson
Hat - thrifted
    Our mini picnic was a lot of fun~  Lounging on the bench swings in the shade near the garden was so peaceful and relaxing.  I bought chocolate covered strawberries and one of them was the size of his palm!  I should've put one of the other strawberries next to it as well because this one was huuuuge.  (。・o・。)  I can't wait to have a full on picnic and take tons of cute pictures one day!
     Afterwards we headed downtown to Geisha Sushi  (゚ο゚人))  We shared the chicken katsu and I decided to try something on the menu called the Hello Kitty!  It was so delicious but extremely filling so I couldn't eat a ton of the chicken lmao.  This place is definitely going on the "hot spots" list.
     Well my Cuties, I've been complaining so much about being inactive I really need to do something about it!  I know work won't let up much but I'm hoping to just learn to use my time wisely.  I've had opportunities to do something but waste it or become lazy.  Let's hope within the next week that changes!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. I am in LOVE with these looks!!!! You're too precious! So glad you finally got a break to enjoy yourself! Hope you get to do more fun things~

    1. ~(♥A♥#)~ thank you! The onee look was my favorite ^^
      I just REALLY want to film something or do something grand lol but I'm glad I've gotten to have some fun too~
      - Amiman♥