Friday, January 5, 2018

New Years Sparkle! (new year same ol' late me)

Forever tardy to the party, here's my New Years look!
I decided to reign in the new year with a very glittery and golden
"halo eye" and "glitter tears" to match!  Can't forget about the star
of the show, my highlight~  I finally got to really use my bolt balm
from Elektra cosmetics

* I ♥ Makeup - Naked Chocolate , Golden Bar palettes
* Too Faced - Chocolate Bon Bons
* Milani amore matte lip creme - Beautiful
* Cherry Blossom #805
Diamond Lash - sweet eye
--- Glitters ---
* Elektra Cosmetics - Bolt Balm in "Midas Touch"
* Nyx glitter - Red
* fine gold craft glitter - Michaels
I think it's safe to say this actually turned out how I envisioned it.
It was fun and pretty simple actually.  I love glitter y'all I want to
wear it everyday!  Maybe not the glitter lips though, I was so afraid
I'd ingest the glitter!
(* ´;艸;)゛

To create this New Years look I used my new brushes that I got
for Christmas!
Galaxy Unicorn Brushes
     The back of the packaging labels each brush.  The hairs have a cool pattern on the top and the handles are so cute! TT  I find it adorable the box says "no unicorns were hurt in the making of this product" lol.  Performance wise, I really like the blush brush.  I believe I used the flat brush to apply my foundation and it did a nice job.  The eyeshadow brush is a bit big for what I was trying to do, but I will try using it again.
I on Beauty Oval Brushes
     I feel like I can't even express how much I love these brushes!  They performed SO well, I was initially shocked at how my makeup turned out.  I've achieved the "airbrushed" look maybe once before but, my God, these brushes make it easy.  That's what I enjoyed about these brushes; application, blending and setting makeup becomes a dream~  Usually I spend so much time blending out my concealer but not anymore!  It's like my makeup melted away into seamless coverage.  Plus they're extremely soft!
 And to think I was about to switch foundations, but I think my
brushes may have made a big difference.
Speaking of Christmas gifts~ I've been spoiled~~~
Kieli is the sweetest and I don't deserve such whole-hearted kindness, I can't say thank you enough! Thank you thank you!!
It's been a while since I shared gets with y'all~
 Both are from Forever21 and I got them so cheap!  Both were $7!
The sweater is super duper soft and baby pink.  The blouse looks
odd in the picture above, but it's a dusty rose color.

     As I grow older, I'm noticing changes in my style.  Pieces I usually wouldn't go for are increasingly making my closet their home lol  I'm excited to see how I'll incorporate my changing style into Gyaru.  (I'm not letting Gyaru go!)  I'm also eager know in what other ways I'll change this year.  Is there anything you're excited for with the start of this brand new year?
Until next time,
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Your look is so gorgeous! :O LOVE glitter!
    Those brushes look very nice! Let me know how cleaning is with the round ones!
    Awwww you're so welcome, lovey <3 You deserve it all and so much more!

    1. I'll update you! And ♥♥♥ you know i lova-lova-loooove youuu ♥ Everyday I see the things you gave me it makes me happy and puts a smile on my face! Ps. I need to do more glitter looks lol
      - Amiman♥