Sunday, January 14, 2018

~~Gets~~{{wow haven't done this in a while}}

Hello Cuties~
Although I feel as though I haven't done a "gets" post, it doesn't
mean I've been saving money and shopping less (੭ु ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )੭ु⁾⁾ lol
These are collective pieces from two different times I went thrifting!

I was recently asked about how to acquire a gyaru wardrobe.  And
while brand is one option, I figured it would be nice to make this
blogpost showing what kind of things I buy at thrift stores and
how I incorporate them into Gyaru.
* The gloves are from eBay! But the rest is from thrift stores~
 This blouse isn't that special but it's the collar and the
embroidered flowers that got me.  Also it was a part of the half
off deal so I got it for $1.50 lol.  I plan to use it in himekaji
coordinates along with my skirts and suspender skirts.
 * Originally from Wet Seal but hey~ I love the shoulder detail.
I plan to use this top in kurogyaru / tsuyome looks.
 I couldn't help myself y'all, the collar got me again!
I can see this being used in Onee style (like DaTuRa)
(I just love that DaTuRa makes cardigans "fancy")
Or I could use the cardigan for kurogyaru; I think it matches
my furry leg warmers well.  Maybe I can add furry cuffs
to the sleeves!
 This sweater is HUGE lol  And it's versatile!  I can wear it as
a loose turtle neck top, or as an off-the-shoulder dress / top!
Definitely using it in agejo coordinates!
 Another big sweater, sue me lol.  I want to use it in himekaji~
 And lastly a basic tan turtleneck that can be used in many styles!
I just wanted to show how regular clothing can be versatile!
Besides clothing, I'm still spending senselessly on food as well.
Maya and I went to Freezy Street yesterday before thrifting~
And last week I celebrated a high school friend's birthday!
I got to catch up with some old friends and we couldn't help but
talk about how time was flying and how old we were now.
The food was delicious!  ♥  And speaking of birthdays . . .
my birthday is approaching and I'm not sure how to feel!
Sorry this post was so short ;; until next time!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. LOVING those gloves and green top! I can't wait to see your coords with all these goodies~ And that Freezy Street looks so yummy!!!!!

    1. The tech gloves work too! I was afraid they wouldn't like my previous ones :/ and omggg Freezy Street is great, I want to go like every week lol. Y'know I think I'll wear the green top soon, I just thought of a nice coord!!!~
      - Amiman♥