Friday, November 17, 2017

Let's just call this a Christmas List? 😬

Hello Cuties~
Sooo I want stuff, what's new?
Elektra Cosmetic's microfine glitter~ I want their
special "transformer" so I can use it as a glitter liner!
They carry a lot of other colors I want too.
Morphe's new 3502 palette!! Godddd I just want a 
nice "warm" palette (TT TT) and this looks like a dream

Colourpop's Golden State of Mind
look at all that shimmerrr!

Colourpop's Yes, Please!

Lenses count as cosmetics sooo~
♥ Naturali Charming Green
♥ Venus Eyes Mega Candy brown

honestly just sobbing over this d.i.a set ;;
I wish i had a d.i.a belt but lord the priceeee.
Does rakuten even have those d.i.a styled belts anymore?
I really want more accessories!  But i feel like i suck at
accessorizing . . .

Liz Lisa heart organza pumps ;;
These will stay a dream tbh since I know I can't fit
Liz Lisa's largest shoe size _| ̄|○

I've had these pictures of ombre wigs in my folder for months
and as much as I want one, I don't feel like breaking the bank
for a super nice one.  So I had the thought of going back to
using extensions for a while.  Seems I'm always at a loss for
what to do with my hair!  What do you think of grey?

As a person who's forever running out of space to put things,
but a "forever growing" collection of things, I want some
organizing bins.  My aunt has this one shelving
organizer; I think I could benefit from one just like it.
I'd put all of my bigger makeup items like palettes and
such in the drawers.
Speaking of storage space, I want one of those mobile
wardrobe thingies.  Like this :
For my brand and frilly stuff cuz I'm terrified of ruining
anything.  Plus I really have no more space for clothes.
Like none . . .
I want to shop so badly but I reeaally need to save up!
How does one hush the "spend! spend! buy!" voice
in their head? lol
Until next post
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Omg I know how you feel! You don't even wanna see my list xD
    I've been dying for a D.I.A. belt too Dx I bought one that supposedly was from D.I.A. but it doesn't say their name anywhere on it! So I'm beginning to wonder if it really is. It's still pretty cool though.
    I saw some sites on those kinds of wigs! I will find links for you!
    I want those wardrobe things too...

    1. It took me all this time to realize I gave away my off brand belts that looked like d.i.a (T_T) honestly what was I thinking? (maybe i thought i was done with kuro style psh) My extensions came in btw! I haven't tried them yet though :( It's been super rainy and I've been working so much I haven't gotten much of a chance to dress up. But no worries I'll find a way soon!
      - Amiman♥

    2. Lol I'm a slight pack rat so I hold onto nearly everything xD hope you can find more soon!!!
      Ahhh I can't wait to see!!!!