Monday, November 20, 2017

Big Comfy (couch) Gyaru | Cult Party Kei ♥

Hello Cuties~
I don't even know what's going on with this title lol
I was trying to be funny, if any of you remember the show
"The Big Comfy Couch".  Cult Party kei (aka Virgin Mary)
just seems like such a comfortable looking fashion : all layers,
fluff, dreamy and airy despite the "overloaded" appearance.
Along with Menhera, I've had a growing interest in CPK.
It's eye-catching, isn't it?  I think my first exposure to the style
was FRUiTS magazine?  I didn't know the style's name but it
appeared a lot.  And as usual, with the "crowd" I follow on tumblr,
I soon grew familiar with the name.
* thus, I think's it's gonna be tough for me to call it Virgin Mary lol
(cr. tokyo fashion)
But back to my fascination with CPK!  Like all styles, there are
certain visual aspects associated with Cult Party kei.  The name
itself was coined after a shop called Cult Party.  The visual concept
is very layered as I mentioned before, and "light" in color.  But
the style is not limited to just pale and pastel colors.
Another trait of Cult Party kei is the use of sleepwear.  This is
where my whole "big and comfy" comment stems from lol.
I find it cute and cool that things like nightgowns, lingerie,
slips, robes are incorporated!  I mean who wouldn't want to
stay wrapped up in their pjs all day?
Something I find cool is that the "crafty" "handmade" look is
sought after.  Got a funky handbag you made forever ago?  Pull
that bad-boy out and work it into a coordinate!  And thrifting just
goes hand-in-hand with CPK (well to me) !  All those old fluffy
sweaters, cardigans, vintage-y nightgowns and dresses would be
perfect ~
(cr. tokyo fashion)
I also like that the makeup style is very close with Menhera!
The point of looking ill and delicate is still applicable.

(cr. tokyo fashion)
I just like the idea of being 'soft, cute and strange'
like an adorable old cat-lady~ But also fierce with
Gyaru makeup lmao
What other styles would you like to mix with Gyaru?
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. Very cute ref pics! I may have to try out the blush look myself! I feel the same about loving being soft, cute, and strange lol.

    1. The heavy blush makes me feel so cute 10/10 would recommend you to try it! Yay team soft cute & strange~ ♥ lmao
      - Amiman♥