Friday, October 20, 2017

GC Day 16: A pic of your typical night?

Hello cuties, I'm sorry about not posting for a while.
Things have gotten very busy~ I got a second job , so
most of my time has been taken by working
And of course I've yet to pull a nice office job or
something where I can wear what I'd like and come
in gyaru makeup~  T_T
I await the day when I can finally do that!
Today's post is day #16 of the gyaru challenge~
A picture of your typical night?
I'm prone to being a home body so~
this shouldn't come as a surprise (๑⁍᷄౪⁍᷅๑)
My typical night involves my laptop 98% of the time.
(unless I'm working lol)
I'm usually one or all of the things shown in the picture.

blogger site : I'm either starting posts ahead of time and saving
them as drafts, or creating a post to be posted that day.
tumblr : I haven't been super active on it as of late but it's still
an addiction lmao and a lot of times the Gal inspiration pics I
share are from tumblr.
notes : I frequently check these to keep track of posts for the
"challenges" I've joined.
gimp : I feel like 70% of that 98% is spent editing pictures
for blog posts or for tumblr posts.
blogger folder : the remaining time is spent organizing and
filling my "blogger" folder with content to be shared on
Alice In Gyaruland.  It's a folder where I keep other folders
like "inspo", and "future looks / tutorials".

Also see : low battery , starting posts at night and crap wifi lol
Another place I keep ideas , personal and blog related ,
is in my "sticky notes" on my desktop.

AIGL post schedule :  this is where I jot down post ideas.
It keeps me from running low or out of ideas for posts or
videos for my YT channel.

Also see : a peak at the list of movies , dramas , anime
I've yet to watch (๑꒪⍘꒪๑)
*whispers : yes i'm still kpop trash lmao*
Wah sorry this post is so short ;;
Next post should be cool! I've been editing and
organizing my blogger folder all day!

Until next post
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~

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