Sunday, October 8, 2017

Word on the J-street: Ditching False Lashes? Magazine season?

Hey Cuties~
There's been so much news lately I had to round
it all up for a "Word on the J-street" post.
First order of business isn't really new news
per say but, I ask :

Have you noticed the new direction of gyaru makeup?
Although it hurts to say, gyaru makeup seems to have
moved on from the use of huge flashy false eyelashes.
Lash extensions are used far more as of late.
Our dearest Heather mentioned it in her newest makeup
tutorial (here) !
I had noticed this change in makeup some time ago.
(back when I started whining about gyaru trends changing lol)
The gal models I love went from lighter, less dramatic false
lashes to just lash extensions.  Some gals have even ditched
lower lashes or prefer lighter lower falsies as well.
I can't help but be biased but I love big false
eyelashes way too much.  I have had lash extensions
once (in high school), it was nice but I prefer band lashes.
Will you follow the trend and ditch false eyelashes?
 Fruits is back?! I honestly wanted to have this posted
before the magazine dropped buuuuut life happens lol
Late September a few pictures like this were
posted on FRUiTS' instagram page.
And on September 22nd this cover page was posted!
Looks to be the newest issue of FRUiTS magazine ,
aren't you excited!  I'm guessing it will be a November
issue so I hope to see lots of fall and winter fashion

Speaking of magazine release dates~
Today, Sakurina posted this on her instagram page!
Cover of 姉ageha / ane ageha!
Sakurina will grace the cover of the November issue
for 2017.  She looks lovely and glam as usual ♥
It's so funny soon I'll be crossing into the
targeted audience of ane ageha

New popup shop!
Fanatic magazine shared this on their insta page!
HEIHEI shop will be opening it's first solo popup store.
I really wanted to share here because it's my first
time hearing about HEIHEI.  It's also my first time
seeing this fashion style.
It's like . . . grunge meets mori girl style.
Is there a name for it?

Soooo that's the word on the J-street this month~
I hope you enjoyed this post!
See you next time ^^
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I just gotta say one thing...
    It's cool that people are doing it to not spend so much on lashes. But how long do these extensions last? I know Emi and Lea have done it and posted it to their blog. But I love the dramatic flair that you can only get from falsies. I don't think that I'll ever drop those lol The more dramatic the better!

    1. YES! Long live dramatic lashes!! lol When I got eyelash extensions it lasted about a few weeks? A month? (from prom in April to graduation in May)
      I totally get you, I love the look of falsies too. I'm not satisfied until they're touching my eyebrows when I open my eyes or touching my cheeks when I close them xD
      - Amiman♥