Thursday, June 29, 2017

GC Day 8: Something You Wish You Were Better At

Hello Cuties~

Today's another entry to the gyaru challenge!
Day 8:
Something you wish you were better at
At the top of the list, sujimori, or just hair in general lol
I've always had this desire to have my hair done in sujimori style.
Ari tho omg her hair was goals!
twin-tail mori hair is SO cute!
I especially adore when braids are incorporated~
I've attempted once but it was a disaster
I love the hair arrangements featured in magazines the most.

Then there are the "pretty wild" hairstyles that I'll probably never be able to do.
I feel like if I got better at doing my hair, that would pull my whole look together.
I don't have much skill when it comes to hair if it's not obvious lmao
I almost never do anything to my hair T_T
One other thing I wish I was better at is nose contouring!
I have my rare days where I love how my contour came out,
but I'd really like to master this skill.
What are some things you wish you were better at?

~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. When I get up to this post of the challenge, mine is also gonna be hair xD I'm glad I'm not the only one :D

    1. LOL! You're definitely not alone! By the time I've finished my makeup, I can't even be bothered to style my hair xD
      - Amiman♥