Tuesday, June 20, 2017

GC Day 7: Fav Accessories✨

Hello cuties~
Today's post is another entry to the
30 day gyaru challenge.
Favorite Accessories
To be honest I don't wear that many accessories
to begin with; but these are my favorites.
I'm sure you can tell I prefer gold over silver lol

♡ Earrings 
I can't remember where I got these. . .
but I love wearing these the most.  I probably wear them every
time I'm in himekaji lol

I think these are most recent jewelry buy but I love them~
They're very simple and dainty! I got these at a beauty supply store.

These hold a special place in my heart because I got them
from my grandmother's jewelry box~  Plus they're heart-shaped lol

Ah yes, more gold, blingy hearts~
I believe I got this charm necklace from Rainbow shop?

Anything that has my zodiac sign on it, I'll probably buy it.
I love this necklace because I can wear it in both gal and casual outfits.

♡ Bracelets 
An adorable little gold bow bracelet~
I got this at Uptown Cheapskate!  I wish they had one in my city tho. .

Definitely the coolest piece of jewelry I own.  It's "girly and edgy" lmao
My mother bought me this Betsey Johnson bracelet for Christmas 2016 (?)

I want to challenge myself to wear a lot more accessories.
What are you "go to" accessories?
 photo tumblr_inline_mg62hkEUI11qdlkyg_zpszsmehdkm.gif
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I love your accessories and the fact that it's mostly heart-themed <3 Kinda like me and stars and bunnies xD

    1. hehehe~ Exactly! I love that we both have themes lol ^^
      - Amiman♥