Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Lundi Gras!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š

Hello Cuties~
It's carnival season in new orleans!
Such an exciting time of the year down here~ Today is Lundi Gras.  I'll be missing out on tonight's big parades but I'm hoping to see some on the big holiday, Mardi Gras!
I wanted to share some pictures and video I took from the parades I've attended this past week!
I forgot the name of one but I went to Endymion and Bacchus too.

just a few small things, but I'm so excited about my lenses!
 This was my first time ordering through Rakuten.  I placed my order February 18th and received my package February 25th!
They sent a sales promotion flyer. . . too bad I can't read Japanese lol
Let's hope I don't take forever to put up reviews for these two lenses.
I also got some kpop merch~ ~ lol
 Ave got me a Kai pillow
(*´꒳`*) isn't he cuuuute
kind of an impulse buy (T T ) but I got the February issue of Esquire magazine because Kai is the cover story and has a beautiful spread in the magazine~
Another first! My first time participating in a group order!
This group order was made possible by dancingninibear on twitter .
They are an angel for sharing merch with overseas fans ♥
ok I'm cool, I'm cool . . .
Hope you didn't find this post too boring lol
I should have some fun news soon~ it involves filming and makeup! hehe

~Love you!! x Amiman~


  1. Such pretty pictures!!! I'd like to attend at least once!
    And omg who is that gorgeous hunk *heart eyes*

    1. I hope you can come some day! And OMG (i am entirely too excited about this) that is Kim Jongin aka Kai. (#‘∀’#ไบบ)♡ He's a member of a kpop group called Exo ♥ I'm kind of obsessed with them xD
      -Amiman ♥

  2. Great!)

    Would you like to follow each other?)