Wednesday, January 25, 2017

♡MOC Day6: Peachy Keen🍑💦♡

Hello cuties!
Finally the next makeup challenge entry has arrived~

Today's look is
🍑Peachy Keen🍑
I know I mentioned that I wanted to film this look but, alas~ I had to settle for just pictures of it for now.
 photo tumblr_inline_mg61b2vnBf1qdlkyg_zps9imnu4ts.gif
 photo peach 123 GZBZ7378_zps4odgwjrd.png
I thought it would be cute and fun to call different aspects of this look different names!
Eyemake: White Peach
Lips: Peach Pit
Outfit: Peach Fuzz

 photo tumblr_inline_mlf1mpxcRK1qz4rgp_zps1boagy4u.gif
 photo peach make IMG_5861_zpsgwkl2qwg.jpg
My mom came in before I applied liner and lashes, she almost panicked thinking I was having some kind of allergy reaction lol until she saw all the makeup on the counter
 photo peach make2 IMG_5773_zpsovbihojs.jpg

for the lips, I was inspired by the inside of a peach, the peach pit!
I used Nyx's matte lip cream in "cannes" and Colourpop's ultra glossy in "wolfie" at the center of my lips for a gradient look.  The gloss is alot more vibrant and reddish in person.  I also highlighted my cupid's bow with Makeup Revolution's shimmer brick.
 photo peach make3 IMG_5782_zpsuet8bbf3.jpg
I got to crack open all of my new makeup for the eyes!
I used Nyx's prismatic eyeshadow in "golden peach" as the lid color
I used about 3 shades from the Makeup Revolution new-trals vs. neutrals palette
aaand~ I got to use the white liquid liner from Nyx!
The full makeup details are on my instagram post.

I decided to do something with my hair since I almost never actually style it lol
I tried this hairstyle from an issue of Ranzuki magazine, I believe
Wish I had bangs tho~

I really like the idea of doing fruit / food inspired looks; they're fun!
Hmm maybe that could be the start of a series~
(•᷉ ε ू•᷈, )
I have more to share but I want to make it separate.
See you in the next post!
 photo peach selfie IMG_5770_zps2auregwc.jpg
~Love you!! x Amiman~


  1. Omg I'm obsessed! You did the white eyeliner perfectly and I loooove it *w*

    1. AAhhhh thank you!! (*’∀’人)♥ It really means a lot to me! And omg I thought it would've turned out super messy but I'm happy it didn't~

  2. Omg I love it! It's super cute and that wing!!!!! Your eye make is always so amazing! It really makes me inspired to do better and hope to make beautiful looks like this!!!! LOVE!!!

    1. (๑ˊoˋ̥๑)♥ Aahh thank you so much! I'm literally so happy y'all like this look! And yes, yes let the creative juices flow~~ lol I'd love to see the makeup looks you create (=´∇`=)!
      - Amiman ♥