Sunday, January 22, 2017

I'm in a pickle...(plus gets!)

I'm having a little "first world problem" crisis

So I have all the makeup collected for the next "10 Day Makeup Challenge" entry, but I wanted to try and film a tutorial for this 'Peachy Keen' look.  So you're probably wondering "what's the issue?"
੧| ‾́ェ ‾́ |੭
Well, although I finally have a tripod now, I don't have sufficient lighting for filming.  I've been trying out a few things with what I have, but buying or possibly creating a light seems like the best thing.  I think I can put together a ring light!  It seems doable after seeing DIY tutorials.  I also don't have a memory card for the camera . . .
(; ̄ェ ̄)

My other issue is, I'm winding down to my last 4 pairs of daily-lenses (2 gossip brown and 2 cream grege).
I've literally been wrecking my brain to sort out the series of events that I have planned.  First comes the 'Peachy Keen' look.  If I want to just post pictures of the finished look without filming, there goes one pair of lenses.  Next is my bday, I'm supposed to be going out with friends one night and out to eat with my family on the day of my bday.  I have a makeup look planned for the night out with friends so, there goes another pair of lenses.  I'll probably just go with a natural look for the family dinner.

SO within the next 4 days, I'll be left with just 2 pairs left.  To say I somehow get the filming situation together soon after, another pair gone.  That leaves me with 1 pair left before January is even over with!  Like I said it's not THAT big of a problem.  Really I could just wait to do the filming later in February.  And post about other things until I can get more lenses.  (which might be a while since Chinese New Year is Jan. 28 and most Chinese sites and stores will be closed for 2 weeks)

I just feel bad for being behind on posts.  My sister says it's nothing to beat myself up over.  I'm just ready to get things together 'tis all lol

Now to my recent purchases~
the makeup for my 'Peachy Keen' look!
- Nyx white liquid liner
- Makeup Forever new-trals vs neutrals palette
- Nyx prismatic eyeshadow in "golden peach"
- Nyx glitter in "red" (this is actually for my bday makeup)
I want to do a swatch / review video for this palette once I finally get things together
This eyeshadow is so pretttyyyy~

New shoes!  An early bday present from my mom, I love them!
(♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Well I appreciate anyone who read through my dramatic inner thoughts lol
I'll get it together!
See you next post!
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I really hate it when you start to run out things you need right when you need them! Hope it got resolved! And I love those shoes~ I also can't wait to see what looks you make with all that wonderful makeup <3

    1. I know right, it's the worst! I still haven't bought new lenses yet but everything should work out soon. And thank you~~ I've been peeping out some looks to recreate using the palette :3
      - Amiman ♥