Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Milestones (+ gets and coordinates)

Hello cuties~
I have a few things to share with you

Firstly, a little apology or notice.  If anyone was wondering what's the holdup on the "10 day makeup challenge", I'm waiting on some online orders to come in for the upcoming makeup look
I've been spending a lot of time with my friends lately!  My sister made a valid point the other day.  I'm getting to that age where a lot of my friends will be reaching milestones.  So many wedding invitations, bachelorette parties, and bridal showers.  It feels so odd, hearing these kind of announcements from my high school and college friends.  Time is literally flying by
I'm getting old~

Last Tuesday I had a blast at my friend's sleepover!  A house of 7 girls can get pretty wild and loud lol I hope she hosts another one.  Then this past Saturday was my high school friend's bachelorette party.  That was on a different level of wild
It was sooo cold that day! But i wore a lot of layers~

I can't wait to see troy walk down the aisle! And she's not the only one; another friend told me about her wedding next year! Sunday I went to a graduation party and reunited with the "pizza fam" from work.  We played some crazy card game called Face Off (it gets really loud) lol
Afterwards maya, kelsey and I stopped for some good ol' pizza~

Which brings us to today, Nhu and I visited our friend gabby and her newborn baby
We bought her an "Edible Arrangements".  I didn't take a great picture but there are bear, a carriage, and a rocking horse shaped pineapple pieces
She loved it! (and so did I lol it was tasty)
Later, Nhu and I decided to try something new and went to a Thai restaurant called "Banana Blossom"
Since college we've had this ongoing joke that Nhu's arm and watch always appears in my food pictures.  It started as a mere coincidence!  But once I noticed it, we made it a permanent thing lmao
 The coconut shrimp were deeeelicious, no delectable lmao
I even tried the calamari!  The dumplings were tasty too~
 Our entrees~
I had the "Voodoo Noodle" plate! It was definitely interesting, but really good.
I want to go back soon and try another dish!
not gyaru but just a casual ootd~
As you can tell it got kind of warm today.
Nhu and I finally exchanged Christmas gifts, which explains the bag.
She got me giftcards and perfume
and I bought this cute hat!

Again, sorry about the wait on the next makeup challenge post ;;
But I have some really fun stuff coming up!  See you next post.
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~

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