Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year, New Closet? (picture heavy)

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People are still buzzing about the new year since it's just the 1st week.  I've been doing some thinking as well!  Nothing major, I just have a small list of things I want to work on accomplishing in 2017!
My friend, Amy, and I mentioned a few things we wanted to do in 2017 over snapchat

I felt like I was joking at first, but honestly these are personal things I should work on.  (Also I want to get my driver's license this year!!!)  I want to be a better and happier me!  But I won't dwell on it much here.  I have a separate "list" I want to share with you!

"Gyaru New Years Goals"
New year, new me?  Well sort of, I'm thinking new year, new closet!  Now don't get me wrong, I love all of my clothes and the pieces I use solely for gyaru!  But I want to expand my wardrobe this year.  (I know this sounds silly but, I'm not getting any younger.  So I want to go all out and reach my goals before i'm 30 lol)
As much as I want authentic brand, I can't afford it lol  But that's ok!  I will make do with what I can get my hands on and be satisfied with it.  So that means I will be on the look out for item "look-alikes"!  Sometimes these kinds of hunts are fun.  I can't wait to see what I find~

- Closet Goals -

Starting with hats!
I want more floppy hats!  I adore them but I only have it in black.  I want to incorporate them in my autumn and winter himekaji coordinates!  So I think I would benefit from owning nice tan and chocolate brown hats.  As for the burgundy, I've been falling in love with the color recently.  I've already bought 2 shirts, a dress, and a jumpsuit in that color lol

Next blouses and other tops!
I'm in desperate need of new blouses.  I have about 4?  Oddly, I don't have many with collars, so that's what I really want; frilly blouses to go along with my skirts!  Also I've always wanted one of those cute sweaters with the ribbon ties!  They're sooo cute.  But I've seen other's DIY ribbon sweaters and I think I should give it a try.

Next, one-pieces!
Yes, yeess!  More one-piece dresses!  Currently I have 2 but I want sooo many more~

More outerwear!
I want to those dress-like coats that I love so much!  Or just more cute and stylish outerwear like the ma*rs coat and the batwing/poncho!  A lot of times my regular coats bring down the whole look.  They tend to hide the outfit rather than accentuate or complement it.

Shoes, shoes, shoes!
I am dying to own some shoes like those! Why must it be so hard to find cute shoes in big sizes. . .

- Coordinate Goals -
I've shared a lot of stuff like this in my "inspo posts", so I only included 3 this time
Three different styles that I hope to slay this year lol

- Makeup Goals -
Like I've mentioned times before, I really want to improve on my makeup skills.  I want to find what fits me best, but also explore a bit.  Play around with eyeshapes, change lash style, and things of that nature.  These are just a few pictures I'm inspired by.
Gooaaallls man, goals.  I love the drawn droopy lower lash line, but i tend to struggle with it.  I'm also striving to perfect the nose contour lol it's hella hard for me, idk how girls do this with such ease!  I feel like I need to just learn my face type, or face shape.  If I knew that, maybe I could find tips.

- One More Goal. . . -
I want to get comfortable talking to more gals.  I can't even explain why I feel so hesitant to reach out, but I am.  But I'm so grateful for the gals that have commented on my pictures or my posts!  Afterwards I always want to chat with them but I withdraw and leave it alone.  I will get better with this though.  I see other gaijin gals have meetings and it looks like so much fun.  Attending gal meets will be pretty hard for me since I don't have a car of my own and I'm afraid to fly (but hey it's on my bucket list so).

eBay Palette!
OKAY SO, let me tell you about this catastrophe.  I purchased this palette on November 20th.  I received it January 1st.  Now I expected it to take a while to get to me but I didn't anticipate it taking longer than the "expected delivery" date.  I can't remember the exact date but I think it was mid December.  I will say I appreciate the seller keeping in contact with me.  However once I saw what I got, I wasn't too excited.  One eyeshadow had basically denigrated; its remnants were a grey shimmery mess on the inside and outside of the case.  That didn't upset me, I know this happens to a lot of people.  What did upset me was they sent the wrong palette.  After waiting for so long I didn't even get what I wanted
In this listing, the seller was offering a choice between 2 eyeshadow palette.  I picked the "warm" palette but received the "neutral" one.
I won't do anything about it, I'd hate to have to wait another month or two to get what I actually wanted.

I got a new phone case!  It's a glitter fall case from victoria's secret

I also got a sleeve for my new laptop!  It's so cute!
This last one was actually a gift from my Godmother~
 I love it sooo much, it's smooth suede on the inside and smells nice

Tuesday my mother and I went across town to the dmv and stopped for donuts on the way back home.  I spotted the building and she said it's a bakery people are excited to visit.  And guess what?  It's Alice in Wonderland themed!
The Mad Batter Bakery! ♥
 Now you see why I spotted it! The bakery really stood out among the other buildings.

 Man it smelled so good in there lol
They also do special cakes!  I hope to have a cake made by them~  And my birthday is coming up!
Woo, I feel like I've typed a lot today
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~
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  1. I know exactly how you feel on closet items xD I'm still working on clothing, trying to find what substyles I love most. All the while still having money xD But there are a lot of great shops and secondhand places to get from that have great prices!
    I've also been dying for the Liz Lisa T-strap heels...not even replicas exist Dx But you can find the booties from syndrome store and/or spreepicky :D
    Sorry to hear about the palette issue Dx I would still contact them. It was still a mistake on their end and the quality is bad :(
    And that bakery looks amazing! It reminds me of NY's Alice's Tea Cup. I love theme cafes!
    I think you're doing great. You respond back to me and other commentors and that's awesome! I see a lot of gals that have meets too. I wish I could find them here in NY xD But we'll both get there one day. And feel free to talk to me whenever you want :D
    And when is your bday?????
    Have a great day!

    1. It makes me so happy whenever I see your posts or your comments (*´▽`*)~ I hope we both reach our goals! I'll have to look into those second hand shops; I just assumed most of those were outdated and that no one used the sites anymore lol
      And sigh, I'll just keep the palette :/ I'm not sure of their return policy and while it's not the right palette, some of the colors are really nice~
      As for the gal meets, I think you have a good chance at finding groups on facebook since you're in New York :D! Oh and my bday is January 24th!♥