Thursday, December 8, 2016

♡MOC Day4: My Makeup Collection♡

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Hi guys! Sorry about missing my post dates, but work (and applying for a new job) and holiday stuff has been keeping me from sitting down to actually make a post.
but anyway~ Let's give it up for day fourrrr
(did you get that spongebob reference lol)
I'll be sharing my makeup collection with you! Nothing super interesting but it always makes me real giddy to pull out all of my makeup and talk about them lol
I think a lot of girls share that feeling? It's kind of like when someone asks you "where'd you get that dress?!" and instantly you're smiling and gushing about where you bought it.
I love that girls can bond over clothes and makeup even when they're strangers.
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My Makeup Collection
This is how i currently keep my makeup lol
I have one makeup box that i got as a gift, a purse (which holds my palettes), an old perfume box (for colourpop products), and a small makeup bag for lip products. The actual makeup box holds everything else like sprays, foundation and other face products.
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These are all of my Colourpop eyeshadows and highlighters!
I think i'm going to hit pan on "Bae" first lol. I've neglected "animal" but it's such a pretty and vibrant color. Sequin is a lovely copper color and really glittery. And I've been reaching for drift a lot lately. Each one is so pretty I can't wait to buy more from them.
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1 - 4. L.A Colors shimmering loose eyeshadow - "black pearl", "snow white", "chocolate sprinkles", "sunshine"
5. Elf flawless eyeshadow - "Tantalizing Taupe"
6. Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers eyeshadow duo
7. Essence Metal Glam - "choco-chic"
8 - 11. Mac singles - "creme of violet", "da bling"
NYX prismatic eyeshadow - "gilded", "smoke & mirrors"
12 - 13. Avon eyeshadow - "petal", "amber"
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1. Forever 21 Bear Palette:
this palette is so cute~ but i do tend to forget that i have it. There are some really nice shadows in here, the gold shades are my favorite! I think i want to play around with that middle shade and the "earl grey" shade from the Bon bons palette to create a smokey look one day.

2. offbrand (this one was a gift and doesn't have a name on it anymore sorry ;;)
you can tell which 3 are my favorite shades lol I used this a ton in high school

3. Ruby Kisses "Dark N' Sexy" palette:
I put swatches up of this one before, I loved "risque". I just wish the purple-ish shades were more purple; "provoking" is a deep blackened purple with glitter. The first 2 shades are better when swatched rather than on my face.

8. Ulta "Carnivale Collection" palette:
I was more excited when i first got this palette versus now. The best shades are "sapphire"and  "molten"
4. Ulta makeup kit:
soo many pretty shades in this palette even though I forget about this one too

5. "Beauty Gems Fashion Favorites Kit" (i believe this is from Ulta)
I wish i could say the quality was great on this palette, but alas . . . but I try my best to make it work since there's so many eyeshadows.

Honestly these are my two favorite palettes at the moment and that's no surprise lol
7. Too Faced "Chocolate Bon Bons" palette:
looove this palette to death, my favorite shades are "molasses chip", "dark truffle", and "satin sheets"
6. Makeup Forever / I ♥ Chocolate "Pink Fizz" palette:
I'm so happy I bought this palette there are so many shimmer shades
I've never loved so many colors in one palette like this; there's only one shade I can't do much with lol But besides that I love all the others! But if i had to pick, my top 3 are "france", "girl", and "party".
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Nothing really interesting, i feel like i should buy more eyeliners, like different colors other than black, brown or silver.  I have a yellow liquid liner and pink glitter liner (both from Nyx), a white liquid liner (from Ruby Kisses), and a purple gel liner from E.l.f.  But i want more, so I'm thinking of buying a few from colourpop!
Also pictured are my current eyeshadow primer and mascara from Essence; love the primer, not a big fan of this mascara though.
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Other Eye Products
1. Nyx glitter primer
2. Duo eyelash glue (dark tone)
3. Nyx eyebrow gel (black)
1. Nyx glitter - "rose"
super pretty on the eyes, gets everywhere though lol
2 - 3. Wet n Wild glitter - "vices", "groupie"
it surprised me that these were soft to the touch, like a gel consistency but I wish I could pick up more glitter when i apply it to my eyes.
4. Forever 21 body shimmer glitter
glitter  e v e r y w h e r e ! It's like a glittery cloud enveloping you and everything around you lol
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Face Products
- Urban Decay de slick setting spray
- Nyx matte finish spray (i bought this recently and haven't tried it yet I hope I love it)
- Rimmel stay matte primer
- E.l.f high definition powder
*somehow I managed to forget to include my foundation:
Cover Girl Queen collection 3 in 1 foundation - "sheer espresso"

- Avon smooth minerals blush - "perfect plum"
- Milani baked blush - "dolce pink"
- Black Radiance - "toasted almond"
- Nyx blush - "silky rose"
- Maybelline dream bouncy blush - "plum wine"

concealers galore! I have too many "back ups" lol
Most of these are the L.a Girl pro concealer.  I have "dark cocoa", "mahogany", "chestnut" and the orange color corrector.  The concealer in the middle is Maybelline's fit me concealer in "30 / cafe"

Lip Products
1 - 5. Nyx butter / intense butter gloss: raspberry tart, sugar cookie, toasted marshmallow, rocky road, cannes
6 - 9. Colourpop: more better, wolfie, limbo, honey b
10. Milani amore matte: Beautiful
11. Absolute new york: royal purple
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Well that's all of my makeup! And I hope my collection will grow even bigger and better.  I'm actually waiting on an eyeshadow palette to come in the mail~
I can't wait until it gets here! I also just got a new brush set but I'll talk about those after I put them to use.
Next challenge is "turn back time", I'm excited to see how it turns out myself lol
See you next post!
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~
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  1. Your makeup collection is love!!!! 😍So many beautiful things!!!! And that's such a great idea to repurpose a perfume box! You're prob gonna laugh when you see my storage setup for this entry xD

    1. Lol!! My mom thinks of me as a pack-rat because I keep a lot of unnecessary things like the perfume box (or trash as she says it). Can't wait to read yours!