Tuesday, October 18, 2016

🍁Fall Coordinate Inspo: Casual!🍁

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Hello Deary~~
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It became hot again but I can't stop my "autumn fever"
(˘̭д˘̭ ;)
seriously it was 90 degrees today wtf it's October, chillout weather!
I'm sure the fall weather will come soon~
So today's post will be about arranging outfits for the fall!
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Whenever I have the time, I like searching for old and new magazine scans. I do this especially around fall and winter for outfit inspiration. So I've been collecting pictures from magazines and also tumblr. With this post, I want to focus on casual coordinates!
Some of these outfits, I feel, lean towards certain substyles like:

most of these are from shops like liz lisa and ank rouge, but I feel like these looks are more casual like? Versus their most used colors and prints like floral and pink. I feel like the pieces used in these coords are easy to find "look-alikes" for in regular clothing stores.
*sweater dresses / oversized sweaters!
 *suspender skirts paired with collared blouse or sweaters~
 *fuzzy sweaters paired with skirts & boots or sweaters layered over dresses (don't forget a cute hat~)
 *layered sweater, collared blouse and skirt or sweater & dress 
 *loose sweater with long skirts

∘˳°.∗Larme Kei∗.∘˚˳°
(not a substyle of gyaru i know but still)

The rest of these are casual coordinates that I liked! I thought some of them would fit Onee style but to be honest the lines of that style blur to me so I'm never 100% positive if it's ever actually onee gyaru but let's continue!
∘˳°.∗Casual Coords∗.∘˚˳°
 *seventeen jp magazine picks ↓↓↓

  *egg magazine picks!↓↓↓
 *point: jumper / overall shorts

 *i thought this was would be really cute to recreate~

 *point: suspender shorts

*this snap of Aina has already inspired a future coord for me! (i've been trying to incorporate my leopard coat more since i've only worn it once...)
*point: denim jumper skirt / overall skirt
∘˳°.∗Pastel Coords∗.∘˚˳°

 *from seventeen magazine! They've arranged the pieces to make this coord on the side

I hope this post was helpful! I've mentioned how I find it hard to come up with cute or stylish outfits in autumn and winter. But I felt like this go-around I should focus on coordinating casual looks geared to being more "everyday appropriate" (with the exception of a few coords).
Nonetheless I love making these posts because they really help me out!
I have about 4 more posts planned I really hope I keep up with the schedule ;;
See you next post!
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