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✨❄Onee in Winter❄✨

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wooooow look who's been slacking (hello~ it's me . . .)
I never got to tell you all merry christmas or happy new year (´;︵;`)

Well I've been meaning to do this post like months ago but it's still winter so this post will still be useful and helpful ( I hope)
I wanted to post about how to incorporate Onee fashion into winter outfits !  I've been collecting pictures of outfit ideas and other inspirations . Per usual , I will tell you how to tweak these outfits to be more appropriate for cold weather (like snow although I've never been in snow so bare with me lol )

Let's Goooooo ~ ~ ~
* I think having a sweater-like dress is great ! It's comfy and still fashionable .  You can opt for one with a loose-turtle neck like shown above or any neck style and just add on a scarf
* tweak : pair a good sweater-dress with some opaque skin tone tights (or pantyhose what ever you call them lol )
 I have a pair that are just brown but in most coords they look passable like they could be my skin . (like shown below ~)

These stockings are pretty thick , they aren't see-through at all.  They are footed , meaning they don't cut off at the ankles like leggings .  And they do a good job of keeping my legs warm.

I love layering tops in the winter and fall so this picture shows an idea of how to (on the left model )
* point: the collared shirt under the sweater ( a patterned shirt is a nice contrast from a plain sweater !) Also I feel like the hat is a nice point to the look as well , I noticed that hats are pretty common in winter coords ( I like to match the color of my hats with my shoes !)
* tweak : instead of shorts like the models are wearing, you can swap them out for white jeans
I love this picture because it shows that you can use regular jeans as well !
* point: oversized/ slouch sweaters are a life saver , you can get away with layering a long sleeved shirt underneath 
* tweak : to avoid cold feet you could try an ankle boot, a wedged heel may be best if you are planning to be out and about

I added the tweak onto the picture for this one ! White pants or white skinny jeans would work with this coord .  I could see this with a long coat like these (x)(x)(x)(x) 

 More sweater dresses ! Or at least long sweaters . . . (that's quite short for a dress for me)
* tweak : for the model on the left ( in white) you can pair a long sweater like this with distressed black jeans .  Notice the shoes she's wearing , if you want to wear a heel that's not wedged, a thick squared off heel like this is better than a super skinny heel. 

More sweater dress ideas~

 A coordinate I put together for ideas
* point: If you find plain tights are . . . too plain or you don't own leather pants , then you can wear "leather leggings" or biker pants
Here's another outfit idea that incorporates leather leggings.

 I looooove the color pop with accessories here .
* point: a wide brim hat with a nice color (grey, dark green, burgundy, deep red, bright red, copper/orange) these colors look great against neutral colors like black and cream.  It's a nice way to break up dark or neutral colors. Also notice she is wearing non-sheer tights like I mentioned before.
Red , red , red ~
Speaking of color , I love shades of red during the winter ! Here are a few coords I found online that have use red and other complementing pops of color !

 I like that outfit #4 shows how jeans can be used too.   
* point: A red coat can be used in different looks ! Also besides wide brim hats , berets and beanies look nice in Onee coords as well.

More berets !
 * point: Outfit #1 shows how you can make use of patterned tights ! 

An outfit I found while browsing .

The rest are outfits that I don't have much to say about so they will just serve as inspiration ! Just notice the varying types of coats utilized (pea coats, furs . . .) 

 * tweak : plaid pants can be a substitute 

 * tweak : black jeans !!!


I hope y'all found this helpful ! Don't forget that a coat will most likely be needed for these coordinates if you live somewhere where snow is a possibility .  Also gloves and earmuffs can included and be color coordinated to the outfits . Remember to stay warm ! See you next post~
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