Wednesday, October 21, 2015

♡♡Another Fall Inspo & more♡♡

After the last fall inspo post I kept collecting more outfit pictures
So here we gooooooo~~~
୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨
*again I'll separate them into sub styles and mention key items that make each outfit !

Aomoji Kei
* A style I didn't know had a name, but frequently see in Kera magazine and Zipper magazine
 photo aomoji tumblr_nvcwsbGMVQ1r64iepo1_500_zpsai3lbvcd.jpg
 *point: garter belt and socks

 photo himekaji tumblr_md96lttuSE1ri4nugo1_1280_zpsw6innlzn.jpg
 *point: beret and neck-tie

 photo not sure tumblr_lzi8dsyiQK1ro5bwro2_500_zpseu8tw3dq.jpg photo not sure tumblr_lzi8dsyiQK1ro5bwro4_500_zps0gompstm.jpg
* these are closer to "ank rouge" clothing but I believe it still falls under the himekaji style
 *point: over the knee socks and neck ties

 photo not sure bobon21 tumblr_nvmjtvCuFz1r4v4fvo2_1280_zpskea3ddlh.jpg
* This is from Bobon21's fall catalog ; again not the typical himekaji style because of the lack of pink but Bobon21 is usually seen as a himekaji brand

 photo k style_zps6bnj8rjv.png
 photo k style tumblr_nvzd6oOBJp1twd2hso1_r1_500_zpsz2hyc1ky.jpg

 photo kuroharutamu_zpsfh9rqhbn.png
 *point: off-the-shoulder long sleeve sweater & distressed  jumper ( jeans work as well, key is distressed !)
Harutamu be serving all types of looks on her instagram, I love her recent coordinates !

Mori Kei
 photo mori kei tumblr_naefni3IZA1qcrkr7o1_1280_zpstjzdrnbl.jpg

 photo onee tumblr_n44r6vorzc1ro5bwro1_540_zpstoeuhrax.jpg
 * a nice additive could be a round wide-brim hat and long coat

The rest I'm not 100% sure ( as usual ) where these coords fit when it comes to sub styles .  I think it's because for me I'm used to grouping specific brands to a gyaru substyle , so without knowing the brands in these coordinates I'm never completely sure of the style. (゚ペ)
 photo street fashion tumblr_nuxafgMzdY1qa7gvho1_540_zps5rj28lyr.jpg
 photo street fashion tumblr_nshjtv4t0X1qdzasfo1_1280_zpsnii1fmha.jpg
 photo not sure vivi tumblr_n1ffs9nSfA1ts9mcyo2_1280_zps7nekhpuh.jpg photo not sure vivi tumblr_n1ffs9nSfA1ts9mcyo3_1280_zpsyauma2lo.jpg
 photo tumblr_nv8vfwjiWy1ro5bwro1_500_zpshty0w0wi.jpg
 photo not sure tumblr_ntlp7eXAjD1rfx4zpo5_1280_zps3xdqki1u.png
* what I love about this picture is how they show other pieces that can be used in this style ! (same for the one below !)
 photo not sure tumblr_ntlp7eXAjD1rfx4zpo3_1280_zpsql3lpoqg.png

Casual Cute
I came across this video while browsing taobao haul videos !  I really like how she shows really casual outfits and then adds a few things to it to give it that extra cute factor~  A real great video to watch if you want to achieve simple cute outfits for everyday events like school ! Best part is that she provides links for all the items she's wearing in the description box ^^

I've been on a makeup craze lately, I've been looking for new things to try and lip color has become an obsession ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ
Any of you have a favorite lipstick or lip tint?
Right now i'm in love with Nyx's lip colors ! I have 3 of their matte lip creams so I decided to try their lip butters .  I've been looking for a nice nude color that complements my skin tone and the shade "praline" is really nice ! I usually pair it with Nyx's lip liner in "cocoa"~
 photo 1015 gets_zpsjfrz4vdm.jpg

I blame the need to splurge on makeup on youtube ! Every time I start watching makeup tutorials I see stuff I want to buy (´д`; )

I saw this video and thought it would be useful because she's focusing on drugstore makeup which is always great because it's cheaper !!

Another "shopping itch" I've been having is for circle lenses .
I'm down to my last pair of yearly lenses and I realize that I don't wear them as much as I want because they tend to give me headaches or get too dry for daily wear ( at least for me ) .  So I'm planning to start wearing 1day or "daily" circle lenses !  That way they are much thinner and "breathable" and waaaay more comfortable so I can wear them all the time .  I've worn daily circle lenses before and loved them .  So I've been looking around and happened upon these videos~

* all of the lenses shown in the video above can be found at !
And don't forget I have a discount code for you~~ ( only works for yearly lenses tho !!!)

Well I hope this post was fun , helpful or useful !

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