Monday, October 26, 2015

🎃✨Halloween Makeup Inspo!(Gyaru Friendly)✨🎃

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Hi dollies~  Even though I don't have any plans for Halloween I'm super excited !  Even if all I do is watch horror movies and play in makeup, I'll be happy ~
I actually have two Halloween looks I'm preparing and I can't wait to do them

I wanted to make this post because sometimes it's hard to pick a costume and even harder to come up with a makeup look that stands out !  I mean how many times have you dressed up for Halloween and the makeup becomes secondary to the overall look?
So here's some videos to be inspired by !

"Gyaru Friendly"
I labeled these vids as gyaru friendly because I feel that they appeal to and incorporate aspects of gyaru makeup already ! So with just the addition of circle lenses (some of these already use them) and "gyaru-esque" lashes , you'll have a gyaru twist to your Halloween costume !
She said she had issues with these fangs so I decided to add in a quick and easy tutorial on how to properly apply them
I thought this look was so interesting !  But be careful with that glue around your eyes ! 
I felt that this one would fit well with Larme kei ~ So a more shimmery and sparkly eye, heavy blush and glitter would be better ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚

I looooove the movie Beetlejuice ! So I thought this was cool however I suggest you use a wig because all that hair teasing cannot be good for your hair

Gothic & "Lolita Friendly"

These looks are just other cute and cool ideas !
*a simpler "comic book look"
Her attention to detail on creating the facial structure for a feline look is insane omg
*a simpler "lioness" look
"Who framed Roger Rabbit?" is a super fun movie and Jessica Rabbit is such a glam character to dress as ~!

So what do you plan to dress as for Halloween?  I can't wait to try my ideas out and I hope you guys have a great Halloween !
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  1. These are all so gorgeous! But the flower princess is my favorite!

    I did my own Kotori from Love Live with a dress I already owned :D


    1. The flower princess look is so cool and different! And aww she's an adorable character so I bet you were equally as cute :3