Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kurogyaru coord & My first taobao order!

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I have a lot to share!

 photo 7ZJQh1_480_zps6726769f.gifI just realized I never posted the other half of my last post
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It was supposed to be summer coordinate inspiration!
❥✧¸.•*¨*✧♡✧here we gooooo✧♡✧*¨*•.❥
 photo happygyaru_zps4984a92b.gif
 photo 11_zpse801d810.png
 photo 12_zps2cfac55a.png
 photo 13_zps37c93cc9.png
 photo 14_zps3ea85ac3.png
 photo 17_zpsf96dc228.png
Yun gives me lifeeee↨↨
 photo 18_zps90cb443a.png
 photo 15_zpsacf0875f.png
 photo 20_zps1836b207.png
 photo 21_zpsfffc9d1a.png
 photo 16_zps43efdd6b.png
 photo 19_zps9eea8d6f.png
Manya~~~♥ ↑
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 photo 2062b063-c645-447a-9a89-83cbbc488501_zps208878fc.png
Manya again~~ (´ω` ↑
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As you can probably see I really love the kurogyaru/96gal look; also the bohemian~ What I really love and miss seeing is the western look with the hats
And I have so many hats, so I'm going to try to dress more in that style soon

Summer Make Inspo!
 photo blkgal6.gif
 photo 22_zps424c8bc4.png
 photo 23_zpsfe2ee491.png
Summer Makeup Tutorial! (links below/click the hearts~)

 photo bZJQf9_480_zps2e17cc97.gif photo tumblr_inline_mrj7bjYEwz1qz4rgp_zpsdecde8bd.gif
Kurogyaru style!
 photo DSCN2194_zps5faf40ec.jpg photo DSCN2196_zps601cad9d.jpg

 photo DSCN2202_zps3b8654d8.jpg
 photo IMG_1711_zps3cee8d3f.jpg photo IMG_1715_zps4eb7c2cb.jpg
thank God for wigs
my camera died after outfit shots so I had to use my phone for the rest

 photo tumblr_inline_mfsk2bWCWL1qid2nw_zps51072777.gif
 photo IMG_1755_zps2d4ded24.jpg

 photo 1ZJQef_480_zps59cbb85c.gif photo tumblr_inline_mfsk2rVKf11qid2nw_zpsacf3ee41.gif

I've made my first Taobao order!
Here's what I bought~
 photo 2_zps0132a92c.png
 photo 5_zps4ae2b23e.png
 photo 4_zps33b99d6a.png
 photo 3_zps9e2ea528.png

this is how much everything ended up being
 photo 1_zps1019f0f6.png
So all the items was about $82 and the shipping was $41
To be honest I expected a lot worst!
I thought I'd spend 200 in total but I did pretty well
once my package comes in I'll break down the details of how I ordered and how long it all took. It wasn't a very hard process to me.  If you 're wondering which shopping service I went with, I chose Taobaoring since I've heard about it the most.
But I'll talk more about them and my entire experience when the package arrives!

Besides Taobao, I did a little more shopping~
 photo blkgal11-1_zpsa06f0e4f.gif
 photo DSCN2205_zps526fe7c6.jpg
I really wanted one of these oversized jersey styled dresses and I found this one while shopping around with my friend Sarah.
It has my birth year on it!
 photo IMG_1726_zpsa719ab36.jpg
 photo IMG_1727_zpsb8829bea.jpg
call me childish, but I'm really excited about this!

I did a little bit of shopping on eBay too
 photo gets2_zps9d25addf.png
I got 6 pairs of these for $4.98
and I'm bidding on these lower lashes
 photo gets1_zps528bed41.png
I also restocked on e.l.f.'s high definition powder
 photo toget_zpse4b02018.jpg
I can't believe this stuff lasts so long, this is only my second time buying it
( •_•)

Welp, that's all I have to share for now!
See you next post
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