Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wishlist & Make!!!

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Well! The other day didn't really go as planned.
So I decided to do both a wishlist and a make up post!
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 photo wl_zps88f7affc.png
curly extensions
(planning on getting them in purple & peach pink too!)
 photo wl-2_zps4b90ab59.png
more stiletto nails
 photo wl-3_zps90964a62.png
love this belt buckle!!
 photo wl-4_zps9c115c71.png
 photo wl-5_zpsab6b867d.png
more lashes
-diamond lash angel eye-
 photo wl-6_zps7f475e54.png
even more lashes
-diamond lash glamorous eye-
 photo wl-7_zps580bbd4a.png
 photo wl-8_zps8df50dce.png
no such thing as too many foxtails~
 photo wl-9_zps1f26b142.png
 photo wl-10_zps0d5f336e.png
Heechul's face mask (人´∀`*)
 photo wl-11_zps1b332b59.png
Kreepsville666 dress!~
 photo wl-12_zps1a48b3ba.png
ear hats!
 photo wl-13_zps61bb0f54.png
like tutuHA hat ♥
 photo wl-14_zpsb349caf8.png
decoden phone case! I want the big bow!!!
 photo wl-15_zps73ebb11e.png
stitch kigurumi stitch pixel photo: Gyaru Stitch Pixel be387307.gif
 photo wl-16_zpsdecff041.png
B.A.P kpop sweater
 photo wl-17_zps9832babe.png
Ma*rs belt!!
 photo wl-18_zps2f7b830e.png
Ma*rs garter~
 photo wl-19_zpsb2547452.png
 photo wl-20_zpsf43006c0.png
hentai sweater (don't judge me lol)
 photo wl-21_zps98ede6dc.png
long sleeved seifuku for the winter!
Speaking of seifukus~
I got to wear mine yesterday
after I did a little makeup 
 photo 0605make_zps914676a1.png
changed out of my pjs aaanndd
 photo 0605make2_zps3095eadd.png
seifukus make everything better
 photo tumblr_m8om4hys4D1rt4lf2.gif
I tried making "horns" with my wig,
my arms got tired after the first horn lmfao!
I'm so weak it's a problem
need to work on that ...
 photo stronggyaru_zps71d6497f.gif
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