Sunday, June 9, 2013

A few things to share ☺

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well sort of...
My mind is still stuck on gyaru nails and finally
my nail tips came in the mail!
So I decided to give it a "test run"
I expected the acrylic to smell pretty strong but
jeessuus it is by far one of the worst things I've ever smelled
it made me physically ill (; T.T)
this is how they came out
 photo nails-1_zps066bcbcc.png
pretty good for my first time ever trying this yeah??
I used this embossing power the color washed out on my camera
( TДT)
it's called vintage lilac ☺
 photo ep_zpsd2a16f39.png
well beside my semi-nail fail
I saw these and I'm just jealous~~~
 photo nails25_zpsd9c85169.png
 photo nails26_zps229a2dde.png
Just goes to show you how horrible my try was
I've been looking around for a new camera
and I'm definitely getting a Canon camera
but I want to buy a pretty cheap one..
which is kind of hard to find lol
So far I'm leaning towards the Canon PowerShot SX500
 photo wl-22_zps6844020e.png
Any of you guys out there have a Canon??
Which one is the best to you?
Well I'll be keeping my choices open
and I'm definitely going to try doing nails again
but when I'm ready!!
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