Monday, June 3, 2013 witty title today lol

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Went shopping with my mom Saturday and today
and I'm still waiting patiently for my package to arrive
but I'll just show you the things I bought
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I'm running low on the cash so I can't really go around spending frivolously
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SO here's the few "knit knacks" I've bought
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One of my favorite perfumes! Purr by Katy Perry!
speaking of perfume, they're about to open the store "Icing" at one of the malls!
there's a perfume they sell that I've been dying to buy!!!
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built up a collection of's truly a problem
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bought a few things in Forever 21 today
almost everything was reduced in price so woo!
I wanted to give their gel eyeliner a try
(I've grown fond of their eyeshadows♥)
I also got cross print tights, a cream blush in the color "coral", nail polish & a cute little Hello Kitty phone plug
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I tried ice cream ontop of a snowball for once..
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it was pretty good, but next time I won't pick strawberry flavor
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today I had fun dressing up as AJ Lee
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((she's a wrestling diva in wwe tehe~))
 photo ajlee_zps45fd02a5.png
 photo aj_1_full_20130121_zps2f2cb398.png
how foxy is she?? (◎ヮ◎)
welp..that's kinda..all I have to share right now..
I think I'll do a wishlist tomorrow!!
Or maybe a make up look!
I'll figure it out, later babes
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