Monday, June 3, 2013

More Gyaru Nails! ☺

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Hi !!
Just wanted to show you guys even more
fan-tabulous nail inspiration I found!!
I don't know why it's so fun to find these !
I cannot wait to make my own nail sets!!!!
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nail pics
 photo nails22_zpsd6033bd0.jpg
 photo nails23_zps5f604dab.jpg
 photo nails24-2_zps3e18c1ed.png
 photo nails25_zps4edca779.png
 photo nails26_zpsa4c65a89.png
 photo nails27_zpsf89fb461.png
 photo nails28_zpsa7b08d8e.png
 photo nails29_zps7b8ad29b.png
 photo nails30_zps9a844a21.png
 photo nails31_zps159266f1.png
 photo nails32_zps64971d6d.png
 photo nails33_zpsbc605712.png
 photo nails34_zps316bceb1.png
 photo nails35_zpsf81cb9cc.png
 photo nails36_zps608f1ce3.png
 photo nails37_zps130f706c.png

nail tutorials~!
Loooove it!!!!♥
I really want to try this one!...may need some practice though (//w//)
I may try this one too!!
simple but soooo cute! the flower might be tough to do though lol
seems really simple! Just add some bling!
really simple but elegant look!
I would try this but I don't possess such talent lmao
more talent that I don't have 。゚(TヮT)゚。
Hope you guys like these! \(^▽^*)
I have a few gets and things I'll share in another post ♥
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