Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gyaru Nails: They're faaaabulous darling~

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I'm back with lots of gyaru nails inspiration!
I understand that some people love the extravagant while other like it a little more simple, so I have a bit of both here!
Onto the nails!!!!!
 photo blkgal--_zpsa222a33f.gif
 photo nails8_zps8382abe6.png
 photo nails-1_zps209e35c5.png
 photo nails2-1_zps2bbcda42.png
 photo nails3_zpsf4bb4a54.png
 photo nails4_zpsbe321dc9.png
 photo nails5_zpseb73b675.png
 photo nails6_zps7f813123.png
 photo nails7_zpsd18e407d.png
 photo nails9_zpsb823cfe5.png
 photo nails10_zps589bceb5.png
 photo nails11_zps0140628d.png
 photo nails12_zpsb11c02ea.jpg
 photo nails13_zps9f9c469d.png
 photo nails14_zps9a0d0588.png
 photo nails15_zps37e2e2fb.png
 photo nails16_zps07e7cb50.png
 photo nails17_zps3ba29205.png
 photo nails18_zps0aa2be7f.png
 photo nails19_zps1554362c.png
 photo nails20_zpsae1f2364.png
 photo nails21_zpsfc5d7efd.png
 photo ribbon11-black1_zps2fc6f9ca.gif
A few videos for inspiration as well!!

This was fun to put together! I want to find more tutorials and pictures for another post
so see you next post!!
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pink bow photo: Pretty pink bow bow.gif

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