Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So I'm trying something new

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Hi-ya guys!
Just a tiny post until later
(It shall be a look into the grand vast lands of nail land!)
I wanted to show you what I've been purchasing lately~
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I got this lovely mint green/light blueish top with gold tips on the collar!
But they didn't have it in small (´△`)
I got this pretty blingy necklace to match ~ weee!
To beat the heat, I've been buying snowballs like constantly
i can't help myself someone help my skin will suffer from all the sugar
 photo 0526sb_zps0fbc47ea.png
this one was Strawberry Cheesecake flavored with condensed milk omggg
 photo 0527sb_zpsa3315e07.png
and this one is Cake Batter flavored also with condensed milk
I've been so antsy to get into nails & have gorgeous nails like all the gals
So! I ordered nail tips from eBay & lots of tools and glitter for the job!
I hope everything goes well lol
This is what the nail tips look like
 photo 0527gets_zps005d3875.png
I ordered the clear.......I should've ordered the natural shade but they were sold out
I'm not quite ready to jump into the deep end of nails and wear what the "big dogs" are wearing...
 photo 05taobao_zps6ce211bb.png
Nooooope still not ready
look at that !!!! I can't even function with regular false nails!
I'm used to long nails since mine grow so much buuuuuut
I recently cut them all off so I'm starting from scratch again with stubby bald fingers
but that doesn't mean they can't look kind of cute~
 photo 0527nails_zps25040f26.png
I'll just keep these on my nails until my nail tips arrive in the mail!!
Later I'll be making a huge nail inspiration post!
look out for that tonight ok guys?
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