Friday, May 24, 2013

Gave B-gyaru yet another try~

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Hi guys! Today I finally got out of the house!
I went adventure timin' with Sarah!~ woo!
Since she woke me up at like 7:30 am
I decided to get my lazy ass up and get ready early!
SO I thought "hmmmmm..what look shall I do..? hm?"
 photo blkgal14-_zps04b4b692.gif
Can you guess???
I tried B-gyaru for the second time!! o(*゚▽゚*)o
 photo 0523coord_zpse22a582f.png photo 0523coord2_zpsae338947.png
 photo 0523coord3_zps8d35c091.png
Grrrrrr~~~ I'm not cute! I'll mess you up!"
I think I'm getting better with my make, yeah?
Gyaru Makeup Pixel photo gyaruedit.gif
 photo 0523make_zps77dfc003.png
 photo 0523make2_zpsd310f66b.png
Sarah and I battled the extreme heat of New Orleans and still tried to have fun lmao
It was ridiculous out there!!! We practically ran into stores with air conditioning
Before I died from the heat, we went to a frozen yogurt shop and I got a smoothie then we went shopping around \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
despite baking in the sun, I had fun! I only bought 3 very small things lol
 photo blkgal13_zps000cb833.gif
 photo 0523gets_zpsd29505d0.png
since I really love the bottom lashes I wore that day, I decided to get 2 more pairs!
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On the 19th, my family and I went out to eat (again)
this time to celebrate my little sister's birthday!
She got to pick the restaurant so she chose a place neither of us has been to, Red Lobster
This is what I ordered!!
 photo 0519rl_zps8d15a5c4.png
Peach lemonade!
my mom thought I ordered something alcoholic 
 photo 0519rl2_zps986ec4a6.png
Cajun Chicken pasta aakkkk I need to stop ordering pasta or I'll gain weight
anywho..this is what I wore that day,
a little western fun lol
 photo 0519coord_zpsfe1452af.png photo 0519coord2_zps66abbbdf.png

But anyway!
I'll probably try b-gyaru again someday when I get the hang of it!
I don't know why I just like the style
I just suck at doing it lol
♥Well~ Keep it gangsta.......or western, Which ever floats your boat!♥

glamerous dolls

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