Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Too many pics! (3 of 3 posts)

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Finally! The last part of all this I wanted to share with you!
Today my Godmother was suppose to visit!
I haven't seen her in months ( ಠ ಠ )
But as of now it's..*looks at clock*
10:35 and we haven't heard from her
Anywho!~ I had to get dressed and what not
So I thought, "Hey why not do some makeup too!"
And I wore my new sweater (kind of a waste..)
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 photo 0515coord3_zpse1312199.png
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 photo 0515make2_zps434dfc34.png
I really didn't feel like dealing with hair at this point...
 photo 0515make3_zpsfc66e787.png
but I had to ugh
so I said fuck it to extensions lmao!
I was just being really lazy
well that was all I had to share with you guys! (through a span of 3 posts lol)
see you guys next post !
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