Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shopping Adventure! (plus coord)*pic heavy!*

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Yesterday was a lot of fun! My mom was suppose to be finding something to wear to a wedding but that never happened...
Instead we just went to a bunch of stores and bought a lot of things! lol

It warmed up a bit today finally sooo I got a chance to recreate this coordinate!
 photo 0309inspo_zps6b67b70a.png

Here's a few snaps of my coord~
 photo 0309coord_zpsf6f9dd8d.png
 photo 0309coord2_zps33b38a04.png
☆my little sister got in on this one!  We're foxtail sisters!!!
 photo 0309coord3_zps5e5ccaa1.png
I was pretty happy yesterday so here's me camera whoring while my mom was in the nail salon~
 photo 0309face2_zps75980963.png
 photo 0309face3_zps6ae4a8d1.png
 photo 0309face5_zpsa5a7d495.png
 photo tumblr_lx36d7Vezn1ql6slc.gif

The first store we browsed through was this tiny local shop I've mentioned here before, called Vogue!
Here's a few sights to be seen!
 photo sights1_zpsd61f2a9d.png
 photo sights2_zps67de8a09.png
*this part of the shop always reminds me of d.i.a (but not as gorgeous of course lol)*
 photo sights3_zpsa60d3c7e.png
 photo sights4_zps0dc80325.png
 photo tumblr_lx36d7Vezn1ql6slc.gif

Then we went to the Thrift Shop! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 (I flippin' love that song btw lol)
I snagged a few things I couldn't pass up! And all of it only came up to $20!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)
 photo thrifting1_zps72f87447.png
 photo thrifting2_zpsab8f9e10.png
 photo thrifting3_zps05728e77.png
I found this pretty belt!~~
 photo thrifting4_zps1ec36800.png
ties for kogyaru coordinates! (haha! harry potter tie lol)
 photo thrifting5_zps8fad0103.png
I found like 12 of these shirts in sizes way too small, so I was so exited when I found one the right size!
 photo thrifting6_zps2e7cc26b.png
Got this lavender sweater to match my sailor seifuku! (◕‿◕。)
 photo thrifting7_zps41ed9dcc.png
Yay for another jean skirt! haha
 photo thrifting8_zps315deb85.png
I'm not even into sports..even though this is a Saint's "Who Dat" shirt, it's super sparkly and pretty~~~!
And it says diva on it! How could I pass this up!
 photo tumblr_lx36d7Vezn1ql6slc.gif

After the Thrift Shop, we went to three more local stores!.."Rainbow", "Citi-Trends" & "It's Fashion"!!
Here's a few things I saw and desperately wanted! (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ
 photo sights5_zps707f5145.png
A mother-fucking Ed Hardy coat!! *grabby hands*
 photo sights6_zps659ae04c.png
(I almost got this but my mom claims I have alot of things like this already ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
 photo sights7_zpsa1221142.png
my sister wanted this lol
 photo sights8_zpsabca7438.png
 photo sights9_zps010cffc9.png
*snap* *snap* *snap*
↑ I love how sassy this shirt is! ↑
 photo sights10_zpsa88af26e.png
 photo sights11_zps16fe5490.png
I  really wanted both pairs of shorts BUT I am not about to pay $40 sooo I'll just make them myself lol
 photo tumblr_lx36d7Vezn1ql6slc.gif
So! after all that "window shopping", I came home to see all the goodies I got other than what I got at the Thrift Shop!
 photo blkgal13_zps000cb833.gif
 photo 0309gets6_zps4bc229a3.png
 photo 0309gets4_zps1618009d.png
 photo 0309gets5_zps7192e182.png
Finally got some good over the knee boots that WON'T SLIDE DOWN ALL DAMN DAY!...
I really like the gold parts on them~~
 photo 0309gets3_zps14c6996e.png
bandannas to match my new camouflage t-shirt!
  photo 0309gets_zps751607c3.png
 photo 0309gets2_zps10ae7f45.png
Got this on clearance, yay! I like the rhinestones on it!

I ended up getting a lot of junk food too (;-_-)
 photo 0309gets8_zps8b5ee566.png
 photo 0309gets7_zps83cc174e.png
shame on meeeee, I'm gonna get super fat if I keep eating junk lol
 photo tumblr_lx36d7Vezn1ql6slc.gif
Phew!~~ Well that was pretty much my whole "shopping day adventure"..
I hope you guys enjoyed this! And I hope it makes up for me taking forever to update!
 photo tumblr_mec45xu64M1qdlkyg.gif

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