Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 7&8th coordinates

 photo tumblr_meb541bcYR1qdlkyg.gif
Hey guys!

I hadn't realized I sort of neglected my duties (I'm seriously trying at this "post every day" thing!)
So! I'll just mosey on to sharing the coordinates from this Thursday & Friday's past!
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

 photo 0307coord_zps4c219d89.png
 photo 0307coord2_zpsb75b9665.png
I got to sport my new Cm Punk shirt !~~~ (o。o;)
 photo 0307detail_zps5f2f22d8.png
 photo 0307detail2_zps19e77b59.png
 photo 0307detail3_zps3f7b874f.png

 photo 0308coord_zps95053126.png
I'm still not sure if I like the coord with the hat..
 photo 0308coord2_zps6556d1db.png
..Or without the hat.?
 photo 0308coord3_zps6cf98377.png
 photo 0308detail_zps7b2c3302.png

I would add in Saturday's coord buuuuuutttt~~ that comes with an adventure store & a LOT of pictures! So I'll just make that into it's own little post! See ya in the next post~~

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