Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Midterm week & coords! (」゜ロ゜)」

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It's midterm week & as usual I'm flipping out (ノдヽ)
Therefore, this will probably be a pretty short post so I can try and study & actually pass all my exams (¬д¬。)

mαrch 4th
 photo tumblr_m8ombpjCOq1rt4lf2.gif
 photo 0304coord_zps106bfb39.png
 photo 0304coord2_zpsd9d59a72.png
 photo 0304coord3_zpsa0c619fd.png
 photo 0304detail_zps45c33f27.png
 photo 0304detail2_zps1f3a4ba2.png

mαrch 5th
 photo tumblr_mb6i6eFkDy1qdlkyg.gif
 photo 0305coord_zpsb70c3bfb.png
 photo 0305coord2_zps7568cbe8.png
theeeen..I got all "camera happy" again lol
 photo 0305coord3_zps375d1e46.png
 photo 0305coord4_zps74782b86.png
I didn't have much time for makeup that morning, just wanted to show you my hairstyle & how blue my circle lenses look
 photo 0305hair_zps6e4d08d2.png
 photo 0305face2_zpsd68c628d.png
 photo 0305face_zps904ee66b.png

mαrch 6th
Here's the inspiration for today's coordinate !
 photo tumblr_milf9bVVt01qfyllbo1_500_zps4959216a.jpg

SOMEHOW, my dumb ass managed to not only loose all the pictures from today in the black hole that is known as Gmail, I also deleted all but one picture from my phone...ಠ_ಠ
 photo 0306coord_zps45c05433.png
(I'm entirely too pissed off at the moment....just my luck that my phone decides to fuck up and not send the pictures to my email huh..)
Fuck you Apple and your glitch infested phones! 
( 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

siiiigh..................well until next time..(hopefully my phone won't be a douche bag next time lol)
Wish me luck on midterms!
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