Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thursday & Friday's adventures plus coords!

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Hi everybody! It's suki ❤
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My apologies for last night & Friday night ヽ( ̄﹏ ̄;)ノ
Friday night it was a last minute idea to swing over to my Godmother's home for her daughter's 8th birthday party! It was cool catching up with them again  (/^▽^)/
{{ps. my godmother had been holding onto my Christmas & birthday gifts for 2 months now & finally got them to me! I shall show you what she gave me next time!~~)
BUT anywayyyyy~~
my purpose of this post was to show you my coordinates from Thursday & Friday! (Friday's coord comes with another adventure story! woo!!!!)

fєвяυαяу 28тн
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Coat off~
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purple leopard jeans! well aren't I just sassy sassy saaassy~~ ┌(・。・)┘♪
Here's my Russian hat & my new sassy wig lol
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I almost forgot! There's a mini story to this day as well! super mini story lol
So! After classes, my mom & I went to one of those like local clothing stores (this one was Rainbow)
aaannnnnd I got this totally cute dress that reminds me of glamorous agejo style & Ma*rs!
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the buttons are cute ~
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I can't wait to find the right shoes for this dress so I can wear it out!!!

мαя¢н 1ѕт
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coat open, peek-a-booo~
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coat off!
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Okaayy~~ Story time!
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Friday started off with just lots of crazy going on! I showed up to university a bit early as usual, but I was super nervous! It was my day to have my fiction story critiqued by the entire class! (it's a workshop class and worst part is I'm supposed to just sit there like a bump on a log & say nothing...but everyone loved my depressing story, yay!)
So that class starts at 10! I walk to the building and there's a mass of students just standing around confused.  Apparently, the fire alarm was going off and they demanded that no one go in...I was fuh-reak-ing out!!!
(buuuut my crush was all calm like telling me to sit with him & holding my hand and JESUS I WISH HE WOULDN'T PAY ATTENTION TO ME) ...but after like 18 minutes the alarm stops & they say we can go to class finally..
The best part of Friday was when Nhu-nhu & our friend Sarah went out for lunch to Sassafras!
It's a Creole & seafood restaurant; so basically looooots of traditional New Orleans food and just delicious goodies! Omg we couldn't stay for desert but I was SO gonna buy the praline cheesecake! щ(ಥДಥщ)
But anywho~ I ordered the Catfish Orleans! It's like 6 small pieces of fried catfish ontop angel hair pasta with crawfish & this yummy sauce omggggggg it was heaven on a plate!
SO! We had to rush back to school because I had one more class at 1pm!
After class, Sarah & I decide to catch a bus together & roam downtown on Canal Street! We roamed from store to store, got stared at by creepy guys & eventually had to part ways when our separate buses almost left us! Luckily, we both caught our buses & made it home...
I must admit Friday was pretty fun ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
Can't wait to actually go out someday instead of these quick run adventures lol
Until next time!
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