Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Of coords, drunks, strippers & gets!"

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Hiiiiiii there~~
Sorry for not updating like at all this week sad emoji photo: sad sad.jpg
But! I have coordinates and fun stories to tell you! Yay! So let's get to it!!!

Monday, Mar. 11
It was pretty cold still so I had to wear layers..
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and layerrsss...
 photo 0311coord2_zps306dac3c.png
and layers.!
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Wednesday, Mar. 13
Here's the inspiration! With the very adorable Yun!
{I love her!!!}
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It started off cold so I had my huuge fluffy coat on!
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But I had to change jackets once it got hot!
 photo 0313coord_zpsb23b511f.png
 photo 0313coord2_zps69583166.png
 photo 0313detail_zpsa703d5da.png
 photo 0313detail2_zpsfca98ce7.png
 photo 0313detail3_zpsa162013c.png
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Thursday, Mar. 14
Another day from inspiration!!!
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 photo 0314coord_zps882e2ae8.png
 photo 0314coord2_zps188ec912.png
 photo 0314coord3_zps18512f2c.png
 photo 0314coord4_zps552d0d42.png
Once I got home I thought "Hey this would've looked cute with my hat & foxtail!"
 photo 0314coord5_zpsad820a3f.png
Aaaand I did makeup!
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Close up!
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Friday, Mar. 15
Friday was the best day of the week!!!!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
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 photo 0315coord3_zpsee7c7373.png
 photo 0315coord4_zps07e4cf76.png

So Friday comes with AN ACTUAL ADVENTURE STORY!!!
I went shopppiiinnnggg!~ With my 'wifey' Sarah!  We went roaming through the wild and busy streets of Canal & Bourbon!
Let's get to everything I bought, and then I tell you the whole story!
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Hello Kitty glasses! hello kitty gif photo:  7281b08b.gif
 photo 0315gets_zpsc053075a.png
Remember when I lost my little devil voodoo doll keychain??? I got two new ones!!!
 photo 0315gets2_zpse405cbee.png
 photo 0315gets3_zps6da8241d.png
 photo 0315gets4_zps9ab4f906.png
 photo 0315gets5_zps843a0645.png
I got a new dress for the spring!!!! So pretty!
 photo 0315gets6_zps69f7d865.png
 photo 0315gets7_zps91f91051.png
 photo 0315gets8_zpsef849ee1.png
 photo 0315gets9_zps44c0c249.png
That's all!!!
Now, Story tiiiiiiimeeee~~~

So after lunch, Sarah and I caught the bus down to Canal and started making our way from shop to shop
I saw soooo many things I wanted but the prices were insaaane!
(Once we made it to a store with normal prices...) I almost bought these violet contacts that remind me of these!
 photo Gothic3TonesViolet_zps92ca108c.jpg
Buuuut they weren't prescription so.. (╥_╥)
We kept walking around looking and buying things and trying to run across streets without being killed lol
New Orleans is known for interesting people and boy did we see some strange sights lmao
Once we made it to Bourbon street, all the drunk people came out & jesus that was hilarious!
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There were St. Patrick's Day parades going on so there were crazy drunk people in green wigs and tutu's stumbling and dancing around.  I saw three guys in kilts! (wtf was tht about?!)
Some parts of Bourbon are filled with bars, strip clubs and things similar to "hostess" clubs..
We passed a few and there were girls at the door trying to lure you in wearing nothing but lingerie and sky high heels! Some guy called out to us "ladies get free pole dance lessons!" lmfao
Then Sarah got this "great" idea to bring me (little 'ol innocent me) to Husler Hollywood  ! Husler Hollywood...a friggin sex shop...I not like "omg nooo we shouldn't be in here", I've just never been there before lol   It was pretty fun, the store has two floors but we didn't venture upstairs..
Sarah's like "'s just tons of porn up there" & I'm like ookaaaay~~
So we left Husler's empty handed because their prices were even high on SOCKS! Fucking thigh-high socks were hella expensive!
Once we made it out of there, even mooore drunk people danced about and almost bashed their faces on the ground trying not to fall!
Eventually it got super hot, and Sarah's shopping bags had gotten way too heavy & the streets got really congested! Like I had to hold onto her hand the whole walk back to the buses just so we wouldn't get separated! We're like both under 5'4 ! We were super tiny people among an army of friggin giants!!!
Eventually we both made it to our homes & tried desperately to wash every essence of Bourbon off of us
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I'll admit it, Friday was pretty awesome.. I hope Sarah and I have even more adventures this year!!
(Like on her 21st birthday!!!)
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