Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Spring Breaaakk!!

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It's spring break !!!~~
Time to p-p-pa-party with your friends!
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I'm not the parting type just yet , but my friends are pretty persistent!
(they want to take me to raves and one of my friends wants to bring me to a gay bar I can't even explain why she's just like NO YOU'RE GOING yea lol

Anywho! Just wanted to share coordinates from last week and show you a few gets as well!
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March 18
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♥Jacket off♥
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I went to the thrift shop again! Just for about a few minutes though..(´∩`。)
But here's what I got!
 photo 0318thrift_zps1ddbc17a.png
 photo 0318thrift2_zpsf021a643.png
(a high school uniform that fits me perfectly!!! (´ω`★) It's green but my camera sucks lol)
 photo 0318thrift3_zpscae94415.png
(Victoria's Secret Love Pink mid-drift hoodie!~ I tried it on with my yoga pants!)
 photo 0318thrift5_zpse8aaf1fa.png
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March 22
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Sarah and I took another Canal & Bourbon adventure! haha (*≧▽≦)
Here's what I bought!
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phone case!!!!!
 photo 0322gets2_zpsd1d74090.png
 photo 0322gets3_zpsf5fed3cd.png
 photo 0322gets4_zps76672e7e.png
(those non prescribed contacts I wanted last time & bottom lashes!)
 photo 0322gets5_zps4c682c1a.png
 photo 0322gets6_zps4eca6afa.png
(Über cute necklaces!!!)
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Well I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break & Easter!!!
Dye eggs! Eat candy! Visit your family and eat amazing food! GO CRAZY! lol
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bye guys~
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