Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And so..I've make a promise! (GOALS)

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Easter's almost here! Are you guys having fun on your spring/Easter  breaks?
I've just been lazing around ...which is baaad....
I'm suppose to be exercising...
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To get my dream Summer body!!!
I wanna look like all the gals I admire like Manami Suzuki & Yun!

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buuuuut..I'm not quite there yet *ehm* lol
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but anyway-
that's not what this post was suppose to be about ! lol

I was just gonna share a simple coord from earlier this week when my mom & I went shopping!
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*sexyy baack lmao where near sexy lol!*
It was so sunny ! But then *bam* mother nature was like "uh uhhhh no pretty warm sunny days for you! Let there be wind bitches!!" yea..I had to grab a jacket that I'm almost positive doesn't even match this outfit..gyaru pixel photo: Gyaru Pissed Off Pixel 94fd4686.gif
 photo 0324coord2_zps153fe5cd.png
my flip-flops are super sparkly!~~~
 photo 0324coord3_zps756e69d3.png
And although I'm not wearing much makeup here, I thought the pictures came out sort of nice..(*´ェ`*)
 photo 0324face_zps62370665.png
 photo 0324face2_zps8c2f09de.png
I promise for Easter I will actually try to do gyaru makeup!
I feel like I've bought too many new lashes and makeup and doing absolutely nothing with them!
*fail on my behalf* Even I'm disappointed in myself !
sigh..I will try harder to improve on my look!!!! I promise!!
gyaru pixel photo: Gyaru Fighting Pixel d5fb3668.gif

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