Friday, September 21, 2012

no bueno hombre lol

aauuggg I'm so exhausted !! I have no idea why, but all of my friends (including myself) have been sleep deprived hahaha! One of my friends hasn't slept in two days!
This lack of sleep is so not good for bueno hombre..
Every two seconds someone or something annoys me and I'm like
..I just need a decent night of sleep hahah ! ( I hope Alice isn't restless..ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ)
Annyyywhoooo~ Lots of compliments from Wednesday's coordinate ! (i'm so damn shy..when strangers came up to me & said I looked adorable or something I would hide behind my hands and smile ear to ear spewing endless "thank yous" )

BY the way, that very unflattering line you see in my dress is my shorts (¬д¬。)
totally took this key necklace from my little sister hahaha xD
and the hat was so much fun to design ! I have a bunch of these flowers!!!!
Alice and my friend Sarah took these pictures for me ! hahah It was funny! We stood there trying to find the right lighting because everywhere I stood, I looked 10 times darker! lol
Btw~~ I just ordered a pair of Geo Angel Blue lenses and I can't wait to get theeeemmmmmmm!!!! la;wjdfoijaewo;fj too effin excited!!!

Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight, it's already past midnight and I was stupid enough to drink a Monster energy drink a few hours ago.......smfh

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