Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alice's Return

HIYA!! Alice here! No I am not dead (I did get kidnapped by aliens though 0.o)Summer classes are just wreaking havoc on my metabolism and I haven't had the time nor the will to do anything of great importance.

Anywhoozles, I thought I would do like a little mini post today and let Suki-chan handle the big stuff because I am so cheeky teehee x3

Soooooo....I went to my local Walmart a while back and GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

Yes!!! Almond Crush Pocky!!! This stuff is like gold to me x3 I was so happy to find this new pocky and when I tasted it, it was like...heaven!!! Yummy! This stuff is rare though so if you can spot it at your local Walmart definitely buy it.

Now let's see...My favorite Japanese band of all time, Ali Project, just released their new album Gansakushi today so I'm super excited. Arika-san looks so beautiful on the album cover x3 Also, the whole album kind of reminds me of Alice In Wonderland in a way.


♣ 1. Gansakushi (Counterfeiter)
♥ 2. Alice Douzai Innocent (Alice Innocent Of The Same Crime)
♦ 3. Renge Yuuren (Lotus Flower's Deep Love)
♠ 4. Shingi Nisemono Yuurankai (Authenticity Imposter Sightseeing Club)
♣ 5. La Verite (The Truth)
♥ 6. Yasei Souseji (Wild Twins)
♦ 7. Ikeru Oujo No Shouzouga (Dead Princess' Portrait)
♠ 8. Manatsu No Yuushuu Fujin (Madame Midsummer Melancholy)
♣ 9. Tenken To Choukoku (Divine Punishment)
♥ 10. Red Waltz

 So far my favorite tracks on the album are Alice Douzai Innocent and Yasei Souseji. I'm SO happy. Can you tell? x3

Well see you guys :)

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