Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday 13th >:D

Why hello there~
(not gonna lie, that's just how I was when I realized it was Friday 13th)
But alas I didn't realize it when I got dressed this morning; otherwise I would've dressed more "appropriately" lol 
(i love how the skull earring's eyes are hearts! <3)
I saw this in Kera's July edition & decided to give it a try (i've actually never worn a bandanna so i figured i would fail lol)
Photobucket Photobucket
(stupid light totally washing out the damn bandanna..)
Sooo, when I got to school I met up with the lovely Alice & we noticed something pretty weird..
New Orleans' weather is so damn bipolar, the sky didn't even know what to do with itself! One side was almost a dark grey/blue mix while the other side is all "lollipops & friggin gumdrops" sunny! But I should be somewhat use to this seeing that it's hurricane season again -___-" lol   Any who, how everyone had a wicked Friday the 13th~~~ >;)

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