Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Clink, Clink 🥂✨ (It's My Birthday!)

Hello Cuties~

      We're going to ignore that my birthday has since passed and I'm late on posting this (^ ^").  lol

     The day of my birthday was quite a treat!  I got to relax for the beginning of my day, may sound boring but I really needed it.  I even did nails!
     There's something therapeutic about having time to yourself, and doing things at your own pace without rushing.  Well . . . At least that's how the beginning of my day went. 
(# ̄ω ̄)

     A chill dinner for two kicked off my plans for the day.  I do love going out to eat with friends but I appreciated it being just us for dinner.  We were about to ask for the check when he looks me in the eye, looks at the waiter, then blurts out "it's her birthday!"  I typically avoid the whole "staff sings happy birthday" thing whenever I go out to eat (lol).  They're high-fiving each other while I'm sitting there mortified lmao.  I hoped they had forgotten about it but sure enough . . . 

* that fudge was taaasty

turtleneck - fashion nova
dress - fashion nova (but thrifted~)
boots - taobao
coat - thrifted

     Feeling fabulous before the real glow-up~  This is my first time wearing this dress and I'm in love!

     So here's the part where I go crazy trying to get ready for the night.  I reserved a table for a few friends at a really nice wine bar!  After a traffic jam, I had just under an hour to get together.  I usually take two hours I won't lie.  So this was a challenge!  I wasn't sure how it all turned out since I was literally running to get out of the house.  But as soon as Prince sees me he's like:  ∑(O.O;) !

     Fast forward, he's racing to WINO and I'm taking selfies the whole time.
     i WISH i had taken pics of my makeup, but like I said I was in such a rush!  However, Prince turned into that "mom" again and took a million pictures of me for the rest of the night. 

     I was so happy to finally see my friends~  It was nice to have a mixture of people this time.  I invited friends from my both of my old jobs and my new job.  But boyyyy was I ready for a cold glass of wine xD.   I'll admit it, I always stress myself out during my birthday.  Next year, no stress, only fun!

jumpsuit - fashion nova
coat - thrifted
shoes - 365

     Did I mention he took a million pictures?  lol  I feel like I look so different!  Also I tried an up-do for once, like who is she??  I never do hairstyles like this!

As you can tell, I was digging my look~

* Happy Ami when she spots a friend

 Trying to be serious for a picture . . . then failing.

     My friends are great at splitting my side with laughter.  I had way too much fun clowning around with them!  I'm just glad everyone enjoyed themselves.  Like I said, it was nice to see everyone mingling together.  Everyone was comfortable and being themselves.

     This was without a doubt one of my best birthdays as an adult.  I couldn't have asked for sweeter friends and loved ones~

     I could tell we were all getting a little tired so we needed a nice "pick me up".  A few of us walked down to a hotel that housed one of my favorite beignet spots!  What's better than fresh hot beignets and coffee on a winter night??  NOTHING!  It was the perfect way to end my birthday. 

     Cheers to 27 years!!!  (°▽°)/  I have a good feeling about this year.  And there seems to be a theme, 2020 will be the year of glamour~  Here are my birthday gifts for which I am VERY thankful!

     Y'all I feel so blessed, they out here spending Fenty money on me???!  (づ◡﹏◡)づ♥  Best birthday ever~

     Thank you all so much for reading!  Tell me, what's your favorite birthday memory?

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. listen... that jumpsuit does things to me. You looked AMAZING omg. Happy Birthday!

    1. 。゚( ゚ ᗒ∀ᗕ)゚。 i'm CRYING!! I can't say thank you enough!♥♥♥
      - Amiman♥

  2. I'm so glad you had an amazing time! You always look so amazing! LOVE THIS LOOK BABE <3 I hope you have an amazing year <3

    1. We're gonna do great things this year!! Claim it!! And thank you~~~ (# ^3^#)♥ I hope to do a lot more bold looks~
      - Amiman♥